Before we dive into the details, let’s first understand what Avianca’s group booking entails. Avianca Airlines Group booking policy allows you to reserve seats for ten or more passengers traveling together on the same flight. It’s a fantastic option for those looking to travel as a team, ensuring that everyone can be accommodated on the same flight and enjoy their journey together.

Avianca Airlines Group Booking Terms and Conditions

Before you make your group booking with Avianca, it’s crucial to be aware of the terms and conditions that apply:

  • Name List Submission – Avianca may require you to submit the full list of passengers’ names in your group. This is usually required well in advance of the travel date.
  • Payment Deadlines – Adhere to the payment deadlines specified by Avianca. Failure to make the payment on time may result in the cancellation of your group booking.
  • Ticketing – Ticketing for group bookings may have specific rules, such as issuing all tickets under one reservation code. Make sure to comply with these guidelines to avoid any complications during check-in.
  • Refunds and Changes – Avianca’s group booking fares may have different refund and change policies compared to regular bookings. Be aware of these policies before making any alterations to your itinerary.

How to Qualify for Avianca Airlines Group Booking?

To take advantage of Avianca’s group booking policy and enjoy the benefits it offers, certain criteria must be met:

  • Avianca typically requires a minimum of ten passengers to qualify for group booking. Ensure that your group meets this requirement before proceeding with the reservation.
  • Group bookings require advance notice to the airline. It is recommended to make the reservation at least a few weeks in advance to secure availability and better deals.
  • All group members must be traveling on the same flight and itinerary. This ensures a smooth travel experience and allows the group to stay together throughout the journey.
  • Avianca may have specific rules regarding payment and ticketing for group bookings. Be sure to check the airline’s policies to understand the payment deadlines and requirements.

How to request the Avianca Airlines Group Booking?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

  • Reach out to Avianca’s dedicated group booking support team either through their website or customer service number. 
  • You may be asked to complete the Avianca Airlines group booking form.
  • Provide them with the necessary details, including the number of passengers, travel dates, and destination.
  • Once Avianca has the required information, they will provide you with a group fare quote. This quote will include the discounted price for each passenger based on your group’s size and travel details.
  • Carefully review the quote and ensure all the details are accurate. Once you’re satisfied with the offer, confirm your booking with the airline.
  • Follow Avianca’s payment instructions to finalize your group booking. Make the payment within the specified timeframe to secure your seats.

Keep in touch with the Avianca Airlines group booking support team for any updates or changes leading up to your travel date. They will assist you with any modifications or additions to your reservation.

What are the Advantages of Avianca Airlines Group Booking?

Here are the key points to consider – 

  • Discounted Fares – One of the most significant advantages of Avianca’s group booking is the potential for discounted fares. Airlines often offer special deals and discounts for group travelers, up to 50 % off on the regular fares,  making it a cost-effective choice for your trip. 
  • Convenient Planning – Group bookings simplify the planning process for large parties. Instead of each person making their own reservations, you can handle everything at once, ensuring that all members of your group are on the same flight and itinerary.
  • Dedicated Customer Support – Avianca’s group booking comes with dedicated customer support. You’ll have a designated point of contact to assist you throughout the booking process and help with any queries or changes.
  • Tailored Itinerary – Avianca Airlines group booking support team can help you create a tailored itinerary that suits your group’s specific needs and preferences. Whether you want to plan group activities or coordinate layovers for more extended breaks, having a customized itinerary ensures a well-organized and memorable trip for everyone.
  • Flexible Payment Options – Group bookings often provide more flexible payment options than individual reservations. Avianca may offer a deposit system, allowing you to secure your group’s seats with an initial payment and pay the remaining balance closer to the travel date. This flexibility can be particularly helpful when organizing a trip that involves multiple travelers.
  • Complimentary Group Seating – To ensure your group sits together during the flight, Avianca may offer complimentary group seating. Having your entire group in close proximity enhances the travel experience, making it easy to share moments, discuss plans, and enjoy each other’s company throughout the journey.
  • Opportunity for Group Upgrades – In some cases, Avianca may provide opportunities for group upgrades. If your group meets certain conditions or if there are available seats in higher classes, you might have the chance to upgrade some or all of your group members to a premium cabin, enhancing the overall travel experience.
  • Group Assistance During Delays or Disruptions – In the unfortunate event of flight delays or disruptions, traveling as a group can be advantageous. Avianca group travel support team can offer dedicated assistance in rebooking, providing updates, and helping your group navigate any unexpected changes in travel plans.
  • Stress-Free Group Communication – Traveling as a group means you have built-in companionship and support throughout your journey. From navigating airport terminals to coordinating activities at your destination, the presence of your group ensures that you have a familiar and reliable network to make your trip stress-free.

With Avianca Airlines group booking policy, traveling with your loved ones or colleagues has never been more convenient and affordable. The discounted fares, dedicated customer support, and streamlined planning process make it an attractive option for group travelers. Just remember to meet the minimum passenger requirement, plan ahead, and comply with the airline’s terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mix economy and business class seats in my group booking?

Avianca Airlines group booking policy generally allows you to mix different seat classes for individual passengers.

Is it possible to add more passengers to my group booking after it’s confirmed?

Yes, you can usually add more passengers to your group booking, subject to availability. Just get in touch with Avianca’s group booking support team, and they’ll guide you through the process.

Can I get a refund for a canceled group booking?

Refund eligibility for canceled group bookings depends on the fare rules and the timing of the cancellation. Avianca’s group booking support team can provide you with specific details regarding your reservation.

Can I earn frequent flyer miles on a group booking?

Yes, members of Avianca’s frequent flyer program can usually earn miles for their group bookings. Ensure that you provide the necessary frequent flyer details while making the reservation.

Is travel insurance included in the group booking fare?

No, travel insurance is typically not included in the group booking fare. It’s advisable to purchase travel insurance separately to protect your trip against unforeseen events.

Can I make changes to individual passenger details in my group booking?

Yes, you can usually make changes to individual passenger details, such as names or personal information, within the permitted time frame.

What happens if one or more group members miss the flight?

If one or more group members miss the flight, the airline’s standard no-show policy will apply. It’s crucial to inform Avianca as soon as possible if any passengers are unable to travel so that they can provide guidance on rebooking or possible alternatives.

Is there a specific age requirement for group bookings involving minors?

Group bookings with minors typically have specific guidelines and requirements. It’s essential to provide proper identification and authorization for any unaccompanied minors traveling in the group.

Can I pre-select seats for my group members during the booking process?

Yes, you can often pre-select seats for your group members during the booking process, subject to availability.

Are there any restrictions on the destinations available for group bookings?

Avianca’s group booking policy generally covers most of the airline’s destinations. However, certain routes or flights might have limited availability for group bookings.

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