IndiGo Airlines Flight Change Policy

IndiGo Airlines Flight Change Policy

There may be instances where passengers need to make changes to the booking, voluntarily or due to unforeseen circumstances. To help you with that, we will provide you a comprehensive guide on IndiGo Airlines Flight Change Policy, eligibility, how to change your flight and more.

What is IndiGo Airlines policy on flight changes?

Do you have second thoughts about requesting an IndiGo flight change? In this section, we would assist passenger with all the rules associated with the same – 

  • Flight changes are only applicable on IndiGo-operated flights.
  • Passengers can request flight changes to domestic and international travel.
  • The airline also offers a 24-hour grace period that allows passengers to change the flight for free.
  • In case of a schedule change for more than 4 hours, passengers are allowed to make changes for free. No fare difference applies.
  • Passengers are allowed to request a flight change up to 3 hours before departure.
  • No flight changes are permitted after the scheduled departure.
  • IndiGo Airlines change flight request is applicable on unused or unflown flight segments only. 

IndiGo Airlines Flight change policy for same-day departure

IndiGo Airlines offers a same-day flight change option, allowing passengers to modify their flight details for a departure on the same day as the original booking. Passengers must meet the following conditions – 

  • The new flight selected must be on the same day as departure.
  • No change fee applies; fare difference may be charged if the new fare is higher than the current fare.

IndiGo change policy for flights booked within 24 hours 

Regardless of the fare type, all flights that are booked within 24 hours of booking would be offered a flight change without any change penalty. However, fare difference may apply. In order to get eligible for free changes within 24 hours – 

  • Flight must be ticketed and confirmed.
  • The booking does not include a discounted fare, promotional or any reward fare.
  • The scheduled departure date must be booked at least 1 week in advance.

IndiGo flight cancellations for free are also permitted within 24 hours of purchase. 

IndiGo change policy for passengers affected with Covid-19

Here are the key points to understand regarding IndiGo flight policy for Covid-19 affected passengers – 

  • Passengers who are tested positive are allowed to reschedule their flights for free without any additional expenses. 
  • Passengers seeking changes related to Covid-19 are allowed to present relevant documents. This could be a positive COVID-19 test report or a medical certificate confirming COVID-19 symptoms.
  • While Covid-19 policy provides flexibility it is essential to request flight changes up to 24 hours before scheduled departure. 
  • The cancellation fee may be charged under the sole discretion of the airline if a passenger requested last minute flight change (within 3 hours before scheduled departure).

IndiGo change policy for international flights

IndiGo Airlines permits passengers to change their international flight bookings, subject to certain conditions.  These include – 

  • IndiGo Airlines applies charges for international flight changes. The amount of the change fee typically varies with the flight route.
  • 24 hour flight change would be applicable on the TK codeshare agreement flight provided the operated flight is routed to and from the United States and Canada.

What is the IndiGo Airlines cancellation fee?

IndiGo airlines cancellation fees vary with the domestic, international and codeshare flight. Regardless of the ticket type, the cancellation fee remains the same – 

For domestic flights – To change the flight booking within India, change fee varies with the days left before departure. 

Cancellation fee (in USD)Change Fee (in USDNumber of days left for departure
44360-3 (Days)
3933904 Days and above

For international flight – The cancellation fee varies with the travel route as mentioned in the table – 

  1. Indian-Sub continent
SectorChange Fee (in USD)Number of days left for departure
Ex-India to Colombo360-3 (Days)
Ex-India to Colombo334 Days and above
Ex-India to Dhaka330-3 (Days)
Ex-India to Kathmandu334 Days and above
Ex-Dhaka to India430-3 (Days)
Ex-Dhaka to India374 Days and above
Ex-Kathmandu to India580-3 (Days)
Ex-Kathmandu to India534 Days and above

2. For Southeast, middle east, and rest of the Asia destination

SectorChange Fee (in USD)
Ex-India to Hong Kong48.75
Ex-India to Singapore48.75
Ex-India to Bangkok/Phuket48.75
Ex-India to Kuala Lumpur48.75
Ex-India to Muscat48.75
Ex-India to Male48.75
Ex-India to Kuwait48.75
Ex-India to Dubai/Sharjah/Abu Dhabi/Ras Al Khaimah48.75
Ex-India to Doha48.75
Ex-India to Jeddah48.75
Ex-India to Chengdu48.75
Ex-India to Hanoi48.75
Ex-India to Ho Chi Minh48.75
Ex-India to Riyadh48.75
Ex-India to Yangon48.75
Ex-India to Bahrain48.75
Ex-Hong Kong to India4.63
Ex-Singapore to India9.86
Ex-Bangkok/Phuket to India27.21
Ex-Kuala Lumpur to India3.37
Ex-Muscat to India126.56
Ex-Male to India48.75
Ex-Kuwait to India3.65
Ex-Dubai/Sharjah/Abu Dhabi/Ras Al Khaimah to India7.04
Ex-Doha to India6.27
Ex-Jeddah to India6.21
Ex-Bahrain to India5.12
Ex-Chengdu to India6.93
Ex-Hanoi to India48.75
Ex-Ho Chi Minh to India48.75
Ex-Riyadh to India6.21
Ex-Yangon to India48.75

3. Europe sector – Istanbul

SectorChange Fee (in USD)
Ex-India to Istanbul78
Ex-Istanbul to India78

How to request the flight change with IndiGo Airlines?

Passengers can request the flight change online through the airline’s website as well as through customer service. 

Online – To request a flight change with IndiGo Airlines, you can follow these steps:

  • On the airline’s website, navigate to the ‘Manage’ tab, and click on ‘Change Flight’.
  • Enter the booking reference and the email ID/last name in the required field.
  • Select the flight segment and click on ‘Change Flight’ to proceed.
  • Select your preferred date, click on ‘Select’, and then ‘Continue’.
  • Review the flight itinerary and pay the required fee.
  • Click on ‘Finish’ to complete the payment. 

Customer Service – To request an IndiGo Airlines flight change, follow these steps – 

  • Navigate to the “Contact Us’’ section and pick the number of the IndiGo customer service representative. 
  • Greet the agent and explain that you like to request a flight change.
  • Provide the booking reference that will help them verify the passenger’s identity.
  • Provide the new travel dates, time, or destination.
  • The customer service representative will check the availability of the requested changes.
  • If you agree to the changes, pay the required fee.
  • Once the changes are confirmed, the representative will provide you with a new itinerary. 

Make a note of any confirmation or reference numbers provided by the customer service representative

The airline understands that unexpected circumstances may arise, and they strive to provide flexibility to their passengers.  By adhering to the guidelines outlined in IndiGo Airlines flight change policy, passengers can request changes to their flight dates, times, or even destinations, with a hassle-free and convenient process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I request a flight change with IndiGo Airlines?

To request a flight change, you can request the flight change online through the airline’s website as well as through Customer Service.

Can I change my flight date and time with IndiGo Airlines?

Yes, IndiGo Airlines allows passengers to alter the flight date, time as well as destination. 

Is it possible to change my destination with IndiGo Airlines?

Yes. Additional fees and fare differences may apply.

Are there any fees for changing a flight with IndiGo Airlines?

Yes, the fee varies for domestic and international travel. To know more refer to the above section.

Can I change my flight at the airport?

Yes, but you must request the flight change up to 3 hours before the flight departure.

What should I do if my flight change request is denied?

Contact their customer service team for further assistance.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

IndiGo Airlines generally does not allow ticket transfers to another person.

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