EL AL Airlines Pet Policy

EL AL Airlines Pet Policy

While traveling with a pet has become increasingly popular nowadays, it is crucial to bear in mind some things before you leave. The EL AL Airlines Pet Policy regarding pet traveling follow certain guidelines in order to get a smooth and pet-friendly journey both for you and your animals. These rules will make you learn which animals can travel, the small and large pet carriers, the amount of the cost of your puppy, and the important information about caring for your pet during the flight.

This aim is to ensure that pets would be comfortable and secure throughout such a trip. Having this information beforehand in mind will enable you to prepare better in advance for traveling with a pet. This blog is a comprehensive review of EL AL pet policies where you find EL AL Airlines pet safety, EL AL Airlines pet carry-on, and other guidelines about flying with your pet on EL AL Airlines.

Who Can Fly?

First and foremost, does EL AL Airlines allow pets? The simple answer is yes but under specific regulations. The airline welcomes small dogs, cats, and exotic birds, with provision for larger pets to travel in cargo. However, pets showing signs of illness or those with offensive odors are a no-go.

Key Requirements and Restrictions:

  • Health and Vaccination: A valid Health/Vaccination Certificate and Entry Permits for the transit and/or end destination.
  • Limitations: Pets weighing more than 8 kg, including their carrier, must travel in cargo. The in-cabin option is exclusively for lighter pets.
  • Breed and Species: Only dogs, cats, and exotic birds are permitted.

Travel Options for Pets

In-Cabin Travel

Is your pet small enough for EL AL Airlines pet in-cabin travel? Here’s the simple breakdown:

  • Weight Limits: Only 8 kg are allowed, including your pet and its carrier.
  • Carrier Dimensions: Carry-on bags should fit under your seat in front depending on the plane you’re flying and which part of the plane you’re in, but they should be able to be under the seat.
  • Carrier Type: Either get it enveloped in a soft or firm sac, just do not let out any fluids.
  • Fees: The fee of $100 is for the one-way travel distance up to 9 kg and it is your pet and your carrier’s combined weight.

Checked Baggage

Since your pet cannot stay with you in the cabin, your pet can be booked in.

  • Weight Limits: Animals that weigh more than 8kg and less than 100kg can go in the cargo section.
  • Carrier Requirements: The owner of the carrier should secure it, make sure it is firm, and allow air to circulate.
  • Fees: The cost varies, starting at $200 (for pets weighing 9 to 50 kg) and going up to $400 (for those between 51 kg and 100 kg).

Cargo Travel

Heavier or larger pets can be transported through EL AL Airlines pet in cargo, with similar carrier requirements as checked baggage.

Service and Emotional Support Animals

EL AL Airlines ESA pet policy makes provisions for service dogs and emotional support animals (ESAs) to travel with passengers with special needs, under certain conditions:

  • Documentation: Veterinary assurance, sanitary approval, and appropriate training certification for service dogs.
  • Travel Conditions: ESAs now fall under stricter controls and are not automatically recognized as service dogs.

Making Reservations and Preparing for the Trip

Booking Process:

  • Advance Notice: You’ll need to let EL AL Airlines Pet Policy travel know ahead of time that you’re planning to bring a pet. Give them details like how big your pet is and the size of its carrier.
  • Service Dogs: If you’re bringing a service dog with you on the flight, you need to tell the airline at least 48 hours, or two days, before you leave.

Preparing Your Pet:

  • Health: Ensure all vaccinations are up to date.
  • Comfort: Get your pet accustomed to the carrier before the trip.
  • Safety: Double-check the security of the carrier to prevent any escapes.

Destination-Specific Regulations

Flying with pets isn’t only about boarding the plane. You also have to understand the rules for bringing pets into the place you’re going and any places you’ll stop along the way:

  • Restricted Destinations: Some places, including cities like London, Johannesburg, and Dubai, don’t allow pets to fly in the cabin with you because of their own rules.
  • Israel’s Regulations: When flying into Israel, the owner is responsible for knowing and obtaining all necessary documentation for their pets.

Fees and Other Charges

Understanding the fee structure is vital for budgeting your trip:

  • The cost to fly with pets is extra, not included in your regular baggage fee. It’s based on how much your pet, its food, and its carrier weigh together.
  • You need to pay these charges before you fly, and how much you pay depends on your pet’s weight and where it’ll be during the flight.

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • For Small Pets (up to 8kg): If your pet and its carrier together weigh up to 8kg, you can bring it in the cabin. This costs $100.
  • For Medium Pets (8kg to 50kg): If your pet and carrier weigh between 8kg and 50kg, your pet travels in a part of the plane called the hold. This costs $200.
  • For Large Pets (50kg to 100kg): For really big pets and their carrier weighs between 50kg and 100kg, they also go in the hold but this will cost you $400.

You need to pay these fees upfront before you travel. Also remember, these charges are separate from any fees for your own luggage.

Pet Guidelines for Different Aircraft

As you plan your journey, it’s important to know the type of EL AL Airlines aircraft you will be traveling on. Not all aircraft cabins are created equal — and the types allowed for pet transport differ. Here’s a quick look at some pet guidelines for different aircraft models:

Boeing B787-8 & B787-9

In economy class, your pet’s carrier can be up to 33 x 20.32 x 20.32 cm. If you’re flying premium economy, there’s room for a bit larger carrier, with limits of 43 x 17.78 x 17.78 cm. In business class, carriers can be a touch bigger, up to 43 x 25.4 x 22.86 cm in size.

Boeing B737-800 & B737-900ER

The economy class compartment can fit carriers measuring up to 41 x 38 x 17.7 cm. If you’re in business class, you’re allowed a carrier that’s up to 30 x 30 x 19 cm. There’s no premium economy available on these planes, hence no extra size guidelines here.

Boeing B777-200ER

For those on this aircraft, you can only bring a pet if you’re seated in the economy class with the carrier size capped at 41 x 38 x 17.7 cm. Pets aren’t allowed in premium economy or business class at all, so there’s no size provision for carriers.

Remember, the carrier has to fit under the seat in front, should not obstruct aisle space, and should allow your pet enough room to be comfortable.

Preparing Your Pet for the Journey

As crucial as EL AL Airlines’ pet policy is, it’s equally important to prepare your pet for the journey mentally and physically.

Get Your Pet Used to the Carrier

Well before your flight, introduce your pet to the carrier. Make it a safe and comfortable space — somewhere they associate with calm and rewards. This familiarization makes the journey less stressful.

Food and Water

Feed your pet at least a few hours before the flight to prevent air sickness and any unexpected accidents. However, make sure there is enough water in the carrier for hydration.

Exercise Your Pet Before the Flight

To make them calmer during the journey, make sure they burn off any excess energy before the flight.

Pack Essentials

Extra pads for the carrier, a leash for any stretch-your-legs moments, and your pet’s favorite toy or blanket for comfort are just a few essentials you might want to pack.

Pet Health

Ensure a recent vet visit to guarantee your pet is healthy for travel. Certain pets might require calming medication or special considerations. Destination-specific vaccinations and health certifications also fall under this.

Final Thoughts and Tips

Traveling with pets on EL AL Airlines requires thorough preparation and understanding of the regulations. Always double-check the most recent policies directly with the airline and prepare all necessary documents well in advance of your trip. With proper planning, flying with your pet can be a smooth and stress-free experience.

Remember: Every pet is different, and their comfort and safety are paramount. Ensure that your pet carrier is secure, comfortable, and compliant with EL AL’s regulations to make the voyage pleasant for both you and your furry friend.

Traveling with pets doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By following EL AL Airlines pet policy and preparing adequately, you ensure a safe and enjoyable journey for your beloved animal companions. Whether your pet is joining you in the cabin, traveling as checked baggage, or flying in cargo, knowing the ins and outs of the airline’s pet policy is the first step toward a seamless travel experience.

Here’s wishing you safe and happy travels!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my pet be allowed in the passenger cabin on EL AL?

Yes, EL AL Airlines allows small pets like dogs, cats, and birds in the passenger cabin, as long as the pet and the carrier together weigh less than 8 kg. However, the pet must stay in the carrier throughout the flight.

Can I bring a comfort animal onboard with me?

Yes, but recently ESA (Emotional Support Animals) have come under stricter controls and are not automatically recognized as service dogs. Additional documentation regarding your need for an ESA is now required, following IATA regulations.

Can I bring a service animal onboard with me?

Yes, you can, but you need to inform EL AL Airlines about it at least 48 hours before the flight. You must carry appropriate documentation from trained professionals to confirm your need for a service dog.

Is there a specific pet carrier specification that I should follow?

There are specific size limitations depending on your aircraft model and travel class. It would be best to reach out to EL AL Airlines for the exact dimensions. Both soft-sided and hard-sided carriers can be used, provided they are leakproof, escape-proof, and properly ventilated.

What should I do if my pet is not permitted in the cabin?

Pets that are not permitted in the cabin due to their size or weight can travel in the cargo hold of the aircraft. The maximum weight limit for this option is 100 kg, and the pet must be placed in a sturdy, escape-proof, and well-ventilated carrier.

Are there any restrictions on the destination we are traveling to?

Yes, there may be restrictions depending on the destination. Some cities such as London, Johannesburg, and Dubai do not allow pets to travel in the cabin due to local regulations. Also, upon arrival in the destination country, the pet’s owner is responsible for providing all the necessary documentation and clearances for the pet.

Are there any fees associated with traveling with a pet?

Yes, there are fees associated with traveling with a pet and they vary based on the weight of the pet. The fees range from $100 for pets up to 9 kg, then from $200 (for pets weighing 9 to 50 kg) to $400 (for pets weighing 51 to 100 kg). Remember, these fees are not included in your regular baggage allowance.

Can I call and book a spot for my pet over the phone?

Yes, you can. After booking your own ticket, you should call EL AL Airlines and tell them you’re planning to bring your pet. You’ll need to share details like how much your pet weighs and the size of its carrier. It’s important to do this well before your flight to make sure there’s room for your pet.

What happens if my pet needs to go to the bathroom during the flight?

For pets flying in the cabin, it’s best to limit how much food and water they have just before and during the flight to prevent bathroom needs. Make sure to use a leak-proof carrier and consider lining it with absorbent pads. For longer flights, if a pet really needs to go, unfortunately, there’s no designated area on the plane for pets to relieve themselves. Pre-flight preparation is key.

Can my two pets share one carrier?

If you have small pets, like two cats or two small dogs, they can share one carrier if they get along well, fit comfortably together, and don’t exceed the total weight limit for pets in the cabin (8kg including the carrier). However, it’s essential to check with EL AL Airlines when you call to book your pet’s travel as rules can vary, and not all flights might accommodate this request.

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