Caribbean Airlines Pet Policy

Caribbean Airlines Pet Policy

As there are so many rules, you would think it could be hard to travel with your pet. However, the secret to a smooth journey lies in knowing Caribbean Airlines’s pet travel rules. There are rules for service dogs, animals traveling in the luggage, and rules for all animals. You should have a good flight experience traveling with your pet if you follow the rules. As people observe these rules, the airline makes it easier for them to travel with pets.

Here is a brief overview of Caribbean Airlines’s pet policy. You will be better prepared for the perfect trip with your pet after reading this.

Pets Caribbean Airlines Transport

Caribbean Airlines now offers a furry flying companion option for an additional cost. Here are a few points about their pet-friendly policy:

  • Rather than leaving your canine or feline friends at home when jetting off to a new destination, you can now purchase a spot for them in the cargo hold. With this new provision, no member of the family must be left behind whether they have two legs or four.
  • By paying a supplemental charge, leisurely jaunts, and vacations need no longer cause a separation between pet parents and their pets. From this point forward, bonding excursions where one can experience novel places with their most cherished animals are within reach.
  • Whether embarking on adventures far or near, the journey promises more enjoyment for both humans and hounds alike thanks to the choice to travel together. Options that keep the whole family united make getaways a much more pleasant prospect for all involved.

Domestic Travel

During travel to/from Trinidad and Tobago, there’s a fee of TTD 3.00/kg for transporting pets.

International Routes

For all other routes, the fee is tagged at USD 150 or CAD 230. Thus, whether you’re flying out of Canada or to other parts of the world, Caribbean Airlines’ pet travel policy ensures a safe trip for your pets.

Do bear in mind that pets do not count as part of the baggage allowance.

Other Animals

  • In the case of Caribbean Airlines, other pets can also fly as cargo (as an express mail service).
  • To visit other countries is the freedom of each country and its rules concerning import and export of pets offer barriers.
  • It is necessary to confirm these rules for all destinations to and from which you’ll be traveling.

Traveling with Service Dogs on Caribbean Airlines

Caribbean Airlines’ policy for service dogs means that flying with disabilities is a convenient pleasure. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Service dogs can fly in the cabin for free if they’re helping a passenger with a disability.
  • These dogs should be specially trained to help their owner.
  • You’ll need to either tell the airline about your service dog’s role or show some proof that your dog is a trained service animal.

Reservations and Documentation

When you’re flying with Caribbean Airlines, they want to make sure both you and your pet have a comfortable trip. 

Here are some simple steps you need to take if you’re bringing your pet along:

  • Make sure to reserve a spot for your pet ahead of time, as there’s limited space for animals.
  • Gather all necessary paperwork for your pet like health checks from the vet, and any permits needed.
  • Know the rules about keeping animals in different countries, including where you start, where you stop, and where you’re going.
  • Be ready to give instructions for how the airline staff should feed and care for your pet during the flight.
  • Look up the rules for Caribbean Airlines’ pet travel crates by the IATA to ensure your pet’s carrier is okay.

If you’ve got more questions or need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to Caribbean Airlines’ cargo department for guidance.

In-Cabin Travel: Small Dogs or Cats

Caribbean Airlines has strict rules about pets in the cabin, but they make an important exception for service animals. 

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Pets, including dogs and cats, are generally not allowed in the cabin.
  • The exception is for service dogs.
  • These dogs can travel in the cabin at no cost if they’re helping a passenger with a disability.

Travel With Larger Pets

When flying with Caribbean Airlines and your pet is too big to fit under the seat in front of you, don’t worry. 

Here’s a simple explanation:

  • Big pets can go in the cargo area of the plane.
  • This cargo area has the same air and pressure as where you sit, so it’s comfortable for your pet.
  • Caribbean Airlines takes good care of all pets traveling with them, following strict rules to make sure they’re comfortable and safe.
  • So, if you’re wondering if your large pet can fly with you on Caribbean Airlines, the answer is yes! They’re well taken care of.

Checked Baggage or Cargo Travel Policy

If your pet can’t fly with you in the cabin, Caribbean Airlines has a place for them in the cargo area of the plane. This area is made to keep pets safe and comfy during the flight. 

Here are some tips for when you’re planning to have your pet fly in cargo:

  • Book as soon as you can because there’s only a limited amount of space for pets.
  • Find out what the rules and needed paperwork are for where you’re going.
  • Ensure your pet’s crate is suitable – it must be spacious, have good airflow, be durable, and be designed correctly.

Pet Crate Specifications

When flying with your pet in a crate, making sure the crate is right for your pet is really important for their safety and comfort. 

Here are the key things to check:

  • The crate needs to meet IATA (International Air Transport Association) standards.
  • Your pet should be able to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably inside it.
  • It must be strong and safe, with good airflow.
  • There shouldn’t be anything sharp or dangerous inside that could hurt your pet.
  • Getting the crate ready the right way means your pet can have a stress-free trip.

Caribbean Airlines ESA Pet Policy

Caribbean Airlines has specific rules for emotional support animals (ESAs). These pets are different from regular pets and service animals. To bring an ESA on a flight, you need to tell the airline ahead of time and show documents that prove your pet is an ESA. 

This includes a letter from a doctor or mental health professional. However, it’s important to check the most recent rules with Caribbean Airlines, as policies can change.

Health Certificates

When you’re planning to fly with your pet on Caribbean Airlines and they’re going to be housed in the cargo hold, you’ll need to provide some specific health-related documents. 

Here’s a simple breakdown of the process:

  • You’ll need to obtain a health certificate for your pet. This should be issued by a licensed veterinarian.
  • The certificate should indicate that your pet is in good health, fit to travel, and is not carrying any diseases that can be passed on to humans.
  • The health certificate has to be up-to-date — meaning you should get it from your vet no more than 10 days before your scheduled flight. So, make sure to plan your visit to the vet accordingly.

International Caribbean Airlines Pet Travel

When taking your pet on an international trip, there are a few extra steps you’ll need to follow:

  • Make sure you have all the paperwork in the country you’re going to ask for.
  • This usually means getting a health certificate from the vet and sometimes an import permit.
  • Start looking into what’s needed ahead of time so you’re ready by your travel date.

Weather Restrictions

If you’re flying with Caribbean Airlines and bringing your pet, the season’s temperatures may affect your plans:

  • Caribbean Airlines sets rules for pet travel when it’s too hot or cold for their safety.
  • It’s important to thoroughly understand and stick to the airline’s guidelines for traveling with pets.
  • Planning well in advance and maintaining clear communication with Caribbean Airlines is crucial.
  • Always prioritize your pet’s health and comfort, and adhere to the airline’s advice for a smooth journey.
  • Remember, during extreme weather, the airline might limit pet travel or require extra safeguards.

Fees and Charges

When you fly with your pet on Caribbean Airlines, how much you pay depends on where you’re going:

  • If you’re flying inside Trinidad and Tobago, it costs TTD 3.00 per kilogram for your pet.
  • For flights to other places, you’ll pay either USD 150 or CAD 230 one way.
  • Remember, this fee doesn’t cover everything. You might have to pay extra for things like VAT (a kind of tax) and an insurance fee.
  • Some countries have their own rules that could add more costs.

Safety Measures

Caribbean Airlines takes the safety of pets very seriously when they’re flying:

  • They follow strict rules so that pets are moved in a safe and comfy way.
  • Pets with flat faces like pugs and bulldogs can’t go in the cargo hold because they might have trouble breathing.
  • They keep a close eye on the temperature in the cargo hold so pets stay comfy.

Policies Regarding Puppies and Kittens

Caribbean Airlines cares about the littlest travelers—puppies and kittens:

  • They can fly only if they’re 8 weeks or older and don’t need their mother’s milk anymore.
  • This rule helps protect them because very young animals can get sick from the stress of flying.

Refunds and Changes in Flight

When it comes to flying with pets on Caribbean Airlines, there are a few key points to remember if your travel plans change:

  • The airline will only refund your pet transport fees if they are the reason your pet cannot fly, like if they cancel the flight.
  • If you have to cancel or change your plans for a different reason, it’s important to quickly get in touch with the airline to adjust your booking.

Also, keep these facts in mind to ensure a good trip:

  • Pets are not allowed to fly alone on any Caribbean flight. We hope and intend that with your part to take care of them and to be on the same flight, they will not fly without their owner.

By following these directions, you can be certain that traveling with your pet is a pleasant experience on Caribbean Airlines. Proper planning and communication with the airline are critical to ensure that your journey with your pet is as stress-free as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Caribbean Airlines allow pets in the cabin?

No, except for certified service dogs accompanying passengers with disabilities, Caribbean Airlines does not accept pets in the cabin’s hold.

What animals does the Airline accept?

Caribbean Airlines accepts dogs and cats. Other animals can only be carried as cargo, in line with the exporting and importing rules of the two nations where the airline operates.

What charges apply when transporting my pet with Caribbean Airlines?

Charges are dependent on the destination. It charges TTD 3.00 / kg for local routes in Trinidad and Tobago and applies various charges for USD 150 or CAD 230 on international routes.

Can the Airline deny me a chance to fly with my pet?

Caribbean Airlines may not let you travel with your pet if it is too young, sick, or under anxiety and discomfort due to the current climate change.

Do service dogs travel free?

Yes. Professionally trained dogs will be free on the lion to accompany passengers with disabilities in the airplane’s cabin.

What documents do I require to travel with my pet with the Airline?

The pet owner must present the health certificate before the flight, which must be obtained within ten days before the departure of your flight. Pet owners must follow the document requirements of the destination country and have an import permit if required.

How should I prepare my pet’s crate for travel in the cargo hold?

Pet crate that abides by the IATA rules, which must be secure, well-ventilated, and contain non-spill Waterings.

What is the Caribbean Airlines pet carry-on policy?

The policy says that only service dogs can come into the cabin with you. Other pets have to fly in the cargo area.

Can I bring my pet on Caribbean Airlines, either with me or in the cargo area?

Yes, but there are rules. For Caribbean Airlines pets in the cabin, only service dogs can sit with you. Caribbean Airlines pets in cargo, other pets must travel in the special area for animals.Yes, but there are rules. Caribbean Airlines pets in the cabin, only service dogs can sit with you. For Caribbean Airlines pets in cargo, other pets must travel in the special area for animals.


Caribbean Airlines ensures the comfort of its passengers and other beloved creatures, namely their pets. Well-oriented expectations and appropriate awareness about Caribbean Airlines’ pet policy at the company are the first important factors in maintaining a calm and fruitful journey. Since the cabin allows no pets other than service dogs, all other pets can securely travel in the cargo compartment. 

Ensure that you plan and confirm everything well before the flight. The general goal is to keep the preparation for traveling with your pet at Caribbean Airlines as effortless as it can be. See you and your fluffy friend!

Contact and More Information

For any inquiries about shipping live animals or for more detailed information, contacting your local Caribbean Airlines Cargo office is recommended.

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