Westjet Pet Policy

Westjet Pet Policy

WestJet understands that pets are part of our families, and they want to ensure that your furry companions can travel with you stress-free. Whether you’re taking a short domestic flight or embarking on an international adventure, WestJet pet policy allows you to bring your pet along, provided you comply with their guidelines.

Westjet Pet In Cabin Travel

Here are all the guidelines and information on the Westjet pet carry-on policy

Reservation – There is a limit on the number of pets allowed on each flight, so it is advisable to request space for your pet as soon as you complete your booking.

  • Pet reservations cannot be made online; contact the airline by phone to include your pet in your travel plans.
  • Failure to request space for your pet at least 48 hours before departure may result in unavailability and the inability to travel with your pet.

Guidelines for pet carriers – A pet inside a carrier would be considered hand luggage. 

  • A pet kennel fee is applicable for pets traveling in the cabin or as checked baggage. Here is the overview of the WestJet pet-in-cabin fee – 
Traveling OptionFee
In the cabin (carry-on)
Travel within/between Canada and the U.S.$50 – $59 CAD/USD
Travel between Canada/U.S. and all destinations outside the U.S.$100 – $118 CAD/USD
As checked baggage
Travel within/between Canada and the U.S.$100 – $118 CAD/USD
Travel between Canada/U.S. and all destinations outside the U.S.$200 – $236 CAD/USD

WestJet Pet carrier requirements – Here are the following requirements – 

  • Only one pet per guest and per kennel is allowed in the cabin.
  • The pet carrier is considered a personal item within the carry-on baggage allowance. 
  • The maximum dimensions for the kennel are 41 cm L x 21.5 cm H x 25.4 cm W 

Pet allowed – The following pet species are accepted in the cabin: birds, cats, dogs, and rabbits.

Working dogs – Working dogs, unlike service dogs, are not trained to assist individuals with disabilities or provide any other guided assistance

These tasks encompass a wide range of responsibilities, such as:

  • Search and rescue operations, and locating missing persons
  • These remarkable dogs are trained to perform specific tasks in military and police settings. 

Please keep in mind that this program does not apply to WestJet Vacation package bookings. In additions – 

  • Working dogs will be subject to the standard pet in-cabin fee. 
  • It’s also worth noting that working dogs are not permitted in the Business cabin on the 787 Dreamliner.
  • An additional seat must be ordered if a specialty dog needs more floor space for comfort and safety. 
  • Documentation Requirements – Presentation of a Registered Certificate Identification card is mandatory at the airport.
  • Control Measures
  • Working dogs must be under your control at all times.
  • They should be contained in a kennel or wear a leash at all times.
  • The behavior of the working dog should indicate proper training to behave appropriately in public environments.
  • Safety Considerations – Working dogs that pose any threat to health, safety, crew members, or other passengers may be denied 

Entrance Restrictions for Traveling with Pets – When traveling with a pet, there are certain entrance restrictions that you need to be aware of. 

  • Pets may be denied entrance if they are not in good health.
  • Pets are not permitted to fly to Hawaii, Ireland, and the Caribbean region. 

In addition to general pet entrance restrictions, there are specific embargoes related to birds

  • Birds of any type may not be imported into the Dominican Republic.
  • Endangered birds and remains of extinct birds may not be exported from Mexico at any time.

Conditions for Acceptance of Pets on WestJet Flights – When it comes to traveling with pets on WestJet flights, there are specific conditions and guidelines to keep in mind

  • Pets are restricted to fly on Codeshare agreement flights.
  • For your pet’s comfort, it is recommended to choose flights without connections whenever possible.
  • Pets cannot travel with passengers who avail WestJet unaccompanied minors.
  • Pets younger than eight weeks old will not be accepted for transport.
  • Pets displaying aggressive behavior, being unruly, or appearing distressed may be denied flight at the sole discretion of WestJet.

WestJet Vacation Package Booking For Pet Travel – Here are the following conditions – 

  • Hotel Pet Acceptance
  • Pets may not be accepted at all hotels.
  • It is advisable to contact the hotel directly to inquire about their policy regarding pet acceptance.
  • Additional Charges
  • Extra charges may apply for guests traveling with pets.
  • These charges must be paid directly to the hotel.
  • Contacting WestJet
  • Guests who wish to travel with their pets are required to contact WestJet.
  • By contacting the airline, they can ensure that the pet is properly added to the flight reservation.

WestJet Pet Policy As Checked Luggage

Here are the following guidelines to consider – 

Reservation Process – Online reservations for pet space are not available. To include your pet in your travel plans, it is necessary to contact the airline via phone.

Payment Options – WestJet Pet Carrier fees can be paid using a credit card or Travel Bank funds through the airline’s contact center.

Recommended Timeframe and Limitations – It is highly recommended to request WestJet Pet Travel service after completing your booking and at least 48 hours before your scheduled departure.

  • The airline limits the number of pets permitted on each flight, so early reservation is crucial.

Live Animals Handling Declaration – A “Live Animals Handling Declaration” form must be completed for pets traveling in checked baggage. The form will be provided at the check-in counter.

Accepted Pet Types – Animals including hedgehogs, hedge cats, chinchillas, dogs, and rabbits.

Total Pets Accepted per Guest – The number of pets accepted per guest also varies depending on the aircraft type:

  • Six (6) on flights with WestJet 737 aircraft.
  • Four (4) on flights with WestJet 787 aircraft.
  • Two (2) on flights with WestJet Dash 8 or Saab aircraft.

Weight and Size Restrictions  – The combined weight of the pet and kennel should not exceed 45 kg (up to 100 lb.). The pet carrier size restrictions are 101 cm L x 68 cm W x 81 cm H (40 in. L x 27 in. W x 32 in. H).

Pet Carrier Requirements – Kennels must meet specific requirements, including:

  • Good condition
  • Adequate space for the animal to stand, turn around, sit, lie down, without its head touching the top of the carrier.
  • Well-ventilated with no obstructions to ventilation holes.
  • Secured with plastic cable ties provided by WestJet representatives.
  • Free of toxic materials, treatments, or harmful substances.
  • Equipped with food and water containers attached to the pet carrier door.
  • Have a solid bottom and roof, and wheels must be removed.
  • Have a leak-proof floor.

WestJet Pet Policy For Service Animal

WestJet recognizes service animals as dogs trained to perform specific tasks for individuals with disabilities. Here are the following guidelines as per WestJet Airlines pet policy. 

  • This service is reserved for persons with disabilities.
  • WestJet only accepts dogs as service animals.
  • WestJet generally allows one service dog for a person with a disability. However, for itineraries involving flights to or from the U.S., two service dogs may be accepted.
  • Passengers must ensure that their service dogs meet the entrance and import regulations of all countries on their itinerary.
  • It is recommended to notify WestJet to travel with a service dog at least 48 hours before departure.
  • Service dogs are not allowed in emergency exit rows or occupy empty seats.
  • Service dogs must be under control at all times. They should 
  • Wear a harness 
  • Be inside a kennel
  • Country-specific travel restriction – WestJet does not accept service dogs on flights to or from certain destinations, including Bridgetown, Barbados, and Montego Bay and Kingston, Jamaica.

 If you plan to travel with a service dog to the following countries, pre-approval may be necessary – 

CountryContact Information
AntiguaThe Veterinary and Livestock Division
BelizeAnimal Health Department. Phone: (501) 824-4872 Email: animalhealth@baha.org.bz
Cayman IslandsDepartment of Agriculture.
HawaiiThe Department of Agriculture
IrelandEmail: petmove@agriculture.gov.ie. For general inquiries Email: livetrade@agriculture.gov.ie 
MexicoEmail: reqzoosan.dgsa@senasica.gob.mx
SpainMinistry of Agriculture
St. LuciaThe Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries
Trinidad and TobagoChief Veterinary Officer – Animal Production and Health Division
Turks and CaicosAnimal Health Service. Phone: 1-649-946-5801 Email: agriculture@gov.tc
United KingdomFor London Gatwick: Contact Animal Air Care Co.: Email: office@animalaircare.co.uk Phone: 01-44-01293-555-580 for London Gatwick

WestJet Pet Policy For Emotional Support Animal

As per WestJet Pet Policy, the airline does not allow emotional support dogs (ESA) and service dogs to board the cabin.

With WestJet’s pet-friendly policies and these guidelines at your disposal, you can embark on your adventure with peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I travel with my pet in the cabin on WestJet flights?

Yes, WestJet allows pets to travel in the cabin, but there are certain guidelines and restrictions to follow.

Are there any breed restrictions for pets traveling on WestJet?

WestJet does not impose specific breed restrictions for pets traveling on their flights. It’s recommended to check the entrance requirements for your destination before traveling.

How much does it cost to travel with a pet on WestJet?

There is a fee associated with traveling with a pet in the cabin on WestJet flights.

Can I bring multiple pets with me on a WestJet flight?

WestJet allows a maximum of two pets per flight in the cabin.

Can my pet travel unaccompanied on a WestJet flight?

No, WestJet does not permit pets to travel unaccompanied.

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