Justfly Cancellation Policy

Justfly Cancellation Policy

Although handling flight cancellations could appear challenging, JustFly makes it easier for passengers to do so. Here, we present a comprehensive guide to the Justfly Cancellation Policy. Also, explore how to change or cancel your existing flight reservation with JustFly, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience. Knowing what to do when using JustFly to make modifications to your plans or cancel completely will help you save time and receive clarification on the refund procedure.

Overview of Justfly Cancellation Policy for Flights 

Before exploring the cancellation policy of JustFly, it’s crucial to understand what is JustFly. A Canadian company, Justfly.com is a FlightHub Group subsidiary. The organization began operating in Montreal in 2012, and to provide American customers with domestic and international travel possibilities, justfly.com was launched in 2014. By connecting with Justfly, passengers experience a smooth and satisfied journey. With this, in acknowledgment of the value of time, the company has formulated a flight cancellation policy to enhance the convenience of travelers. The key highlights of this Justfly cancellation policy include:

  • The cancellation policies of Justfly will be relevant to all fares, both refundable and non-refundable, that are booked through the website.
  • Justfly’s flight cancellation policy will be valid even on the unutilized portion of the ticket.
  • Whereas Justfly cancellation refunds depend on the fare rules and regulations of the airlines.
  • ​No-show or unused ticket reimbursements are not eligible for Justfly cancellations.
  • The Justfly cancellation fee is non-refundable. Despite this, it might differ for some industries or airlines.
  • In case of purchase of a group fare, a minimum of 2 passengers is required for Justfly to cancel a booking request.
  • Passengers can place offline cancellation requests for their booking through the Justfly cancellation phone number.
  • In such a situation, if Justfly makes a cancellation request 4 hours before departure, then passengers can contact the airline and get their reservation canceled.

Above are suggested some key points about the Justfly Cancellation Policy, which are important to know to avoid unpleasant surprises, to maximize refund opportunities, for flexible planning, and to enhance travel experience. Further, discover cancellation of Justfly flights online and offline.

Comprehensive Guide to Cancelling a Justfly Flight

Personal emergencies, unexpected work-related responsibilities or changes, unforeseen financial challenges, etc., can be the reason for your flight cancellation. In such a situation, for answers to questions like when and how to cancel Justfly tickets, explore the comprehensive guidance on flight cancellation:

Online Cancellation Procedure:

  • Access flight reservations by logging into your Justfly account
  • To cancel a trip, click My Bookings and choose the desired trip.
  • From the menu, choose “Cancel Booking” for that already-made reservation.
  • Select the cancellation method and reason to change the travel plan.
  • Examine cancellation fees (if applicable) and keep verifying information.
  • To cancel a reservation, submit a request with your billing information.

Once this process is complete, you will receive a JustFly cancellation confirmation in your email. Flight cancellation requests can be processed in minutes with this short online procedure.

 Before you finish the online process, take note of any relevant JustFly service fees or airline cancellation penalties. Refunds could take up to 12 weeks.

Offline Cancellation Procedure:

 How to cancel Justfly tickets offline, in this context, follow the following steps:

cancellation number of Justfly, which you can contact to get the flights canceled.

Observations regarding phone cancellations.

  • Justfly Flight booking support is available to customers 24/7
  • Your reservation’s six-letter booking reference code is required.
  • JustFly penalties and any applicable airline change costs are still in effect.
  • Requests for flight cancellations are processed and refunded at the same time.

Discover both the online and offline steps involved in the JustFly flight cancellation process. For additional details, refer to the JustFly cancellation policy.

Justfly Free Cancellation

After knowing how to cancel Justfly tickets, it is necessary to know about Justfly free cancellation, etc. Justfly also provides the services of free cancellation on its booking under the following circumstances and conditions:

  • In the event of an extenuating circumstance where the passenger’s death affects the travel.
  • In the event of a health emergency or pandemic outbreak situation when the government restricts travel. 
  •  When a passenger requests a cancellation under the Justfly 24 hour cancellation policy.
  • If a passenger used the Justfly online portal to book a flight and bought the available travel protection plan.

Justfly Cancellation 4 Hours Policy

The JustFly 4 Hour Cancellation Policy will be applicable based on the following key points:

  • If a passenger wishes to place a cancellation request on Justfly 4 hours before flight departure, the passenger can directly contact the airline to cancel his/her reservation.
  • Please note that if you cancel 4 hours in advance, a Justfly cancellation fee will be levied.

Justfly 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Further explanation is presented in Justfly cancellation policy, regarding Justfly 24 Hour Cancellation Policy, for which the points to be noted are as follows: 

  • If you purchased your reservation at least seven days in advance of the scheduled departure, you may cancel it within twenty-four hours after doing so.
  • You are eligible to get the complete Justfly cancellation refund in this situation.
  • No Justfly cancellation fee is levied in this situation. 
  • In certain circumstances, you may not be eligible for a refund under the Justfly 24 hour cancellation policy; instead, you may apply the original value to a future travel purchase (according to the Justfly refund policy)

Justfly Cancellation Policy after 24 Hours

You may cancel the reservation for the flight within 24 hours since the airline’s cancellation policy should apply to the ticket refund instead of the Justfly cancellation policy.

Justfly Cancellation Charges

Above we explored the main points regarding the Justfly cancellation policy. Now, it becomes imperative to understand the justfly cancellation fee charges. You will be charged the following costs when you submit a JustFly cancellation request to your airline when cancellation, refund, and flight modification are allowed within the terms and conditions of the airline.

Request TypeAmount per-ticket, per-passenger, if request submitted within 24 hours from the time ticket was purchasedAmount per-ticket, per-passenger, if request submitted beyond 24 hours from the time ticket was purchased
Cancellation, exchange or any modification to bookingPer-passenger, per ticket fees:Domestic: up to $75Transborder: up to $75International: up to $75Per-passenger, per ticket fees:Domestic: up to $75Transborder: up to $125International: up to $200

Justfly Extended Cancellation Policy

Within 24 hours of booking a flight, passengers are eligible for free cancellations or adjustments under the Justfly Extended Cancellation Policy. For subscriptions, passengers are required to pay 19.99 USD as an extended Justfly cancellation fee.

Justfly Refund Policy

Justfly offers a Justfly Refund Policy to increase booking confidence, customer satisfaction, unforeseen circumstances, etc. Explore key facts associated with the policy:

  • All flight and hotel-related refunds are required to contain content on Justfly packaging.
  • The process of cancellation and refund of Justfly booking may vary.
  • Any convince fees paid at the time of booking or cancellation that are not refundable, including flight fees canceled by Justfly.
  • Once the Justly Castles Tickets online process is complete, the refund will be credited to the passengers’ original payment method.
  • A refund for cancellations made on Justfly will be provided within 7–10 business days.
  • Services for choosing a seat and requesting a meal are not refundable.
  • Justfly cancellation refunds will depend on the rules and regulations of the airlines.
  • Justfly cancellation refund will not be valid on ‘no show’ and used tickets.

Method of Getting a Refund on a Justfly Cancellation

If you want a Justfly cancellation refund for a flight, hotel, or any other necessary travel item you bought through the portal, you can submit a request using the following method: 

  • Booking portal of Justfly
  • Justfly Cancelation Contact Number
  • Email to Justfly

Frequently Ask Question

How can I contact Justfly to request a refund?

You can contact the customer support team for Justfly refund request through the following methods: 
1.Online Portal
2.Customer Support Phone
4.Social Media
For more information, read the Justfly refund policy.

How do I chat with someone on Justfly?

1.Visit JustFly’s website. 
2.If you have an existing account, log in using your credentials. 
3.Go to the help or support section of the website which is mostly mentioned in the menu or at the bottom of the page.
4.Check the ‘Live Chat’ option here. It will be labeled ‘Chat Now’ or ‘Live Chat’.
5.Start the conversation by clicking on the live chat option, here you can fill name, email, and other details to enter.
6.Next, you will be connected to a customer support representative with whom you can share your queries.

How does the Justfly cancellation policy work?

The JustFly cancellation policy outlines the terms and conditions associated with canceling flight reservations. Here’s a general overview of how the JustFly cancellation policy typically works:
1. Time Sensitivity: The policy may specify different rules based on the timing of the cancellation relative to the departure date. 
2. Cancellation Fees: Justfly cancellation fee: may depend on the ticket type or cancellation situation. 
Tickets may occasionally be refundable with additional costs or may not be refunded at all.
3.Refund Eligibility: Refunds are valid as per the Justfly refund policy.

What is Justfly as an airline or a service related to airlines?

What is Justfly? Defining the answer to this question, we can say that Justfly is not an airline. It is an online travel agency (OTA) that facilitates the booking of flights, hotels, and other travel services.

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