Justfly Name Change Policy

Justfly Name Change Policy

Name changes become necessary in different life situations. Sometimes, it is necessary to change the last name after marriage, or after divorce, the person is forced to return to his pre-marriage name. Along with this, personal or cultural reasons and adoption can also become the causes for changing the name. In any case, the Justfly name change policy supports the passengers in smoothing out complicated processes like the name change. This policy outlines the guidelines that, when followed, provide travelers with a secure and assured flight experience.

Justfly Name Change Policy – Major Points

Suppose a traveler has made an error in his/her name while reserving a flight with Justfly, it is necessary to comprehend their name modification procedure to sidestep any problems while journeying. Here are the essential considerations travelers should know about the Justfly name change policy:

Name changes/corrections are typically not permitted

Under the Justfly name change/correction policy, the name change is not allowed after the flight has been booked. In simple words, avoid making mistakes while entering your name at the time of flight booking. Most airlines follow this policy, whose prime purpose is to prevent fraud and provide safety to passengers. 

Significant Name Changes May Need a New Ticket

You might have to buy a new ticket if you need to make a big change to your name, such as changing your first or last name. According to the Justfly name change policy, the passenger purchases a new ticket if the name change is significant—for example, a complete name change. This is to guarantee that the name on the ticket and the passport or ID of the traveler match.

Minor Spelling Adjustments Could Be Possible:

If the passenger has entered his name incorrectly on the flight reservation, then correction can be done. As permitted by the Justfly name change policy, a name change or correction may be made when the name on the reservation does not exactly match the name on the passenger’s ID or passport. Yet, it depends on the airline’s policy. 

  • For Assistance, Get In Touch With Customer Service: 

Contact the JustFly customer care team if you need to make a name correction on your flight reservation. They can offer advice on the choices that are available for your particular circumstance. To prevent any problems at the airport or during check-in, you must get in touch with them as soon as possible.

The Justfly name change policy is designed to align with most airlines’ policies to protect passenger safety and prevent fraud. Therefore, before every flight, review the key points suggested above. Be sure to contact Justfly’s customer service team for more information regarding the Justfly name change/correction policy.

Justfly Changing Passenger Names Process – Step-By-Step Instruction

Complete the Justfly changing passenger names process by following the following efforts: 

  • Start the process by logging in to the My Bookings page.
  • Click “Your Itinerary” from the menu on the left.
  • Scroll down until you see the section labeled “Travellers.”
  • Come here and select Name Correction Form.
  • A new page will appear in front of the passenger on which the names of each passenger can be changed.
  • To initiate the airline name correction process, we require a copy of the passenger’s passport or legitimate travel documentation containing their entire name and birthdate.
  • Choose “Request a quote” and submit your name correction request.
  • To submit your request for a name correction, select “Request a quote.”

You can complete the methodology of Justfly changing passenger names by following these actions.

Various Methods For Justfly Name Change On Ticket

Although correcting/changing the name on your JustFly airline ticket may seem difficult. It’s necessary to confirm that your trip arrangements run as planned. There are various methods to fix a typo in your name that you discovered when using Justfly to book a flight. These are the several methods available on the JustFly Ticket for name corrections.

  • Get Justfly Customer Services: 

Your initial course of action should be to get in touch with JustFly’s customer care representatives if the traveler booked a flight under your name by error. They can offer advice on the choices, available for your particular circumstance. Once a flight has been scheduled, the Justfly name change/correction policy prohibits any changes. Yet they might be able to help you with a minor spelling adjustment or offer options to fix a significant name change.

  • Enquire with Justfly Airline Straightforwardly: 

By getting in touch with the airline directly, you might be able to correct the name in some circumstances. Every airline that JustFly deals with has a different policy when it comes to name corrections. You might have to pay a charge or present supporting papers, like a passport or marriage license modification.

  • Rebook and cancel the flight:

When there is a major mistake in the name, and there is no possibility of correcting it, in such a situation, the existing reservation may have to be canceled. You will have to make a flight reservation again with the correct name. However, you also have to pay for flight cancellation. Before choosing this option, review the Justfly name change policy and compare the advantages of rebooking the ticket against the price.

Verified Name on the Airline Ticket Is Required

The requirements for having the correct name on the flight ticket are fairly rigorous, and many travelers feel annoyed when they see it. The passenger’s name on the airline ticket must have the same characters in the same order, as stated explicitly by the US Department of Transportation (DoT). The Justfly Name Change / Correction Policy elaborates on the significance of having the same name on the flight ticket as on the passport or other official identification document. It also outlines the comprehensive process for making name changes or corrections on the Justfly flight ticket.

Different Modes Of Request Under Justfly Name Change Policy

As per the preferences and convenience of the customers, the Justfly name change policy allows different modes of request. The policy offers flexibility in request methods so that customers can make name change requests per their needs and requirements. The Justfly name change/correction policy provides facilities such as online submissions, phone calls, or other modes of communication. Customers can select any request mode as per their choice and convenience. They just have to follow the following procedure:

Online – Justfly Name Change On Ticket

  • Click on the airline’s official website, Justfly.com.
  • Proceed to access your account by entering your Justfly login credentials.
  • Move to the booking section.
  • Enter your last name and booking reference number on the given screen.
  • Select the relevant booking whose name needs to be changed.
  • Before submitting the request, make sure the changes are confirmed. 
  • You can now pay the amount if you qualify. 
  • At last, Justfly will send you a notification about the ticket revisions along with supporting documentation. 

Offline – Justfly name change on ticket

The Justfly changing passenger names is very easy in an offline way. Let’s explore the process: 

  • Field Ticket Counter
  • Contact on Client Helpdesk Number

For people who made mistakes in their name on the ticket and now wish to alter it, the Justfly Name Change Policy is required. Get in touch with JustFly Live Customer Service to start the process of changing your name, and they will give you the finest advice available.

Frequently Ask Questions

Does the Justfly name change policy allow an online request for a name change?

Yes, Justfly gives freedom to its customers to make name change requests online also through the website. Simply log in to your account, navigate to the relevant section, and follow the provided instructions.

Is there a fee for requesting a name change on a Justfly ticket?

Justfly may charge for name changes and the amount may vary. Therefore, read the specific terms and conditions, such as associated charges, etc., carefully before proceeding with the request.

Can a passenger request for name change over the phone?

As mentioned in the Justfly name change/correction policy, the passenger can also make this request through the phone. You just have to contact customer support. They will further guide you through the entire process.

Can I make a name change request for someone else’s ticket?

Name change requests typically need to be made for the same individual whose name appears on the ticket. If you need to make changes for another person, it’s advisable to contact Justfly customer support for guidance.

What to do if the name change request is not approved?

In case the name change request is not approved, Justfly itself will give reasons for the decision. You may need to adhere to the original booking details or explore alternative options based on the circumstances.

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