Philippine Airlines Cancellation Policy

Philippine Airlines Cancellation Policy

Philippine Airlines understands the challenges faced by travelers during these uncertain times. By implementing a flexible Philippine Airlines cancellation policy, PAL aims to provide convenience and peace of mind. Whether you choose a refund, travel voucher, or rebooking option, PAL strives to accommodate your needs. Remember to familiarize yourself with the specific terms and conditions associated with your booking, and don’t hesitate to reach out to PAL’s customer service for further assistance.

Philippine Airlines Cancellation Guidelines According To Your Fare

Under normal conditions, Philippine Airlines cancellation and refund policy vary based on the type of ticket you’ve purchased. To better understand the policy, let’s take a closer look at the different fare categories:

To further clarify the cancellation and refund policy, let’s break it down by fare type:

Fully-Refundable Fares

  • Economy Flex: This fare allows you to cancel your booking and receive a full refund.
  • Business Flex: Similar to Economy Flex, this fare category provides you with the flexibility of a full refund in case of cancellation.

Partially-Refundable Fares

  • Economy Saver: If you have not used the fare at all, you can cancel it and receive a partial refund. However, please note that the refund amount may vary based on your specific route.
  • Premium Economy: Like Economy Saver, this fare category is eligible for a partial refund if not used entirely. The refund amount will depend on your route.
  • Business Value: If you haven’t utilized the fare, you can cancel it and receive a partial refund. The specific refund amount may vary depending on your route.

Non-Refundable Fares

  • Economy Supersaver: This fare type is non-refundable once a portion of it has been used. It’s essential to consider this before making any changes to your travel plans.
  • Economy Saver (if partially used): If you have used a portion of the fare, the remaining amount becomes non-refundable.
  • Premium Economy (if partially used): Similar to Economy Saver, once you have utilized part of the fare, the remaining amount becomes non-refundable.
  • Business Value (if partially used): If you’ve already used a portion of the fare, the remaining amount becomes non-refundable.

Philippine Airlines 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

If you have booked a Philippine Airlines flight to or from the United States and wish to cancel it within 24 hours of booking, you can do so without incurring any penalty. To qualify for this policy, ensure that you booked your flight ticket at least seven days before the scheduled departure.

How to Cancel Your Philippine Airlines Booking Based On My Payment Methods?

To cancel your Philippine Airlines flight and request a refund, follow the steps below, depending on your payment method:

a) Cash Payments:

  • Passengers who booked tickets through cash, can visit the office and request flight cancellation accordingly. 
  • Please note that cash refunds, like other refunds, may take some time due to the high volume of requests.

b) Debit or Credit Card Payments:

  • If you made the payment using a debit/credit card, you can cancel your ticket and request a refund through one of the following methods:
  • Fill out the cancellation form online.
  • Call the airline’s customer support
  • The refund amount will be credited back to the original method of payment minus any applicable cancellation fees.

c) Other Payment Methods:

  • If you paid through PayPal, Alipay, WeChat, GCash, or other payment methods, you can cancel your ticket and request a refund by contacting PAL’s Reservations Hotline or filling out the myPAL Request Hub form online. The refund will be processed according to the refund policy and returned to your original payment method.

Rebooking Your Philippine Airlines Flight

If you choose to rebook your flight instead of canceling, Philippine Airlines offers flexibility in rescheduling. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Visit the Philippine Airlines website or contact PAL’s Reservations Hotline to initiate the rebooking process.
  • Provide the necessary information, including your original booking details and desired new travel dates.
  • PAL will assist you in finding alternative flights based on availability.
  • Once you have confirmed the new flight details, PAL will process the changes and provide you with an updated itinerary.

Please note that fare differences may apply when rebooking, depending on the fare rules and availability of the new flight.

Important Considerations

  • It is advisable to review PAL’s specific terms and conditions regarding cancellations, refunds, and rebooking before proceeding with any changes to your booking.
  • Keep in mind that refund processing times may vary, and it might take some time to receive your refund. PAL appreciates your patience during this process.
  • If you made your booking through a travel agency or third-party website, it is recommended to contact them directly for assistance with cancellations, refunds, or rebooking.
  • Stay updated with the latest travel advisories and restrictions imposed by government authorities and health organizations to ensure a smooth travel experience.

How Much Is the Cancellation Fee for Philippine Airlines

Below is the overview of the Philippine Airlines Cancellation Fee according to the fare – 

RouteEconomy SupersaverEconomy SaverEconomy ValueEconomy FlexPremium EconomyBusiness ValueBusiness Flex
USA – PhilippinesNAUSD 250USD 250100 USD250 USD250 USD150 USD
Canada – PhilippinesNA250 CADCAD 250100 CAD250 CAD250 CAD150 CAD
London – PhilippinesNA200 GBP200 GBP100 GBP100 GBP150 GBP150 GBP
Australia – PhilippinesNAAUD 190190 AUDAUD 3535 AUD125 AUD65 AUD
Auckland – PhilippinesNANZD 210210 NZD70 NZD35 NZD100 NZD70 NZD

For more travel routes, refer to the airline’s website

Philippine Airlines Refund Guidelines

In order to claim a refund, the following guidelines will apply – 

  • Failure to cancel your booking up to 3 hours before scheduled departure will result in charges for the unused ticket.
  • The timeframe for refunds varies depending on the payment method used for ticket purchase:
  • Tickets purchased by credit card: Refunds are typically processed within 7 business days.
  • Tickets purchased by cash or check: Refunds are generally processed within 20 business days.

How to Cancel Your Booking and Request a Refund – To cancel your Philippine Airlines booking and request a refund, follow the steps below based on your ticket purchase method:

  • Online through myPAL Request Hub – Access the myPAL Request Hub and provide the necessary information, such as passenger name, ticket number, contact details, and departure airport. Choose the appropriate option for rebooking, travel voucher, or refund. Follow the onscreen prompts and complete the form. After submission, you will receive a confirmation email within 5-7 business days.
  • PAL Reservations Hotline – Contact the PAL Reservations Hotline and inform them of your intention to cancel your booking and request a refund. They will guide you through the process and provide further assistance.
  • PAL Ticket Office – Visit a PAL Ticket Office in your area and speak to a representative who will assist you in canceling your booking and initiating the refund process.

If you booked your ticket through a third party, such as an online agent, travel agent, or another airline, you must contact them directly to change or cancel your booking.

Philippine Airlines Canceled Flights Policy

When your flight is unexpectedly canceled by Philippine Airlines, it’s important to understand your rights and the available options.

Flight Cancellation Options

If Philippine Airlines cancels your flight, you have two options:

  • Refund – You can choose to decline the new flight offered to you and claim a refund for the canceled flight. 
  • Alternative Flight – Alternatively, you can accept the alternative flight offered to you by Philippine Airlines. This option is suitable if the rescheduled flight aligns with your travel plans and meets your requirements.

Airport Assistance and Compensation – If your flight is canceled or delayed, you are entitled to receive assistance at the airport, which may include refreshments, food, accommodation (if your new flight departs the next day), transportation between the airport and hotel, and communication allowances

Compensation Eligibility and Amount

The following criteria may hamper your eligibility:

  • If you were informed of the cancellation at least 14 days in advance.
  • If you were notified of the cancellation 7-14 days before departure. This is when you are offered an alternative flight departing up to 2 hours before your original flight scheduled departure time and arriving within 4 hours of your scheduled arrival time.
  • If you were informed of the cancellation less than 7 days before departure and offered an alternative flight departing within 1 hour before your original and arriving within 2 hours after scheduled arrival.

The amount of compensation varies based on the flight distance:

  • Flight distance up to 1,500 km: EUR 250
  • Flight distance more than 1,500 km within the EU or 1,500-3,500 km for other flights: EUR 400
  • Flight distance more than 3,500 km: EUR 600

Reduction in Compensation – If Philippine Airlines offers you an alternative flight that arrives at your final destination 2-4 hours later than originally scheduled, your compensation will be reduced by 50%.

Delayed Flight Compensation

In the event of flight delays exceeding 3 hours, you may be entitled to compensation if the delay is not caused by extraordinary circumstances*. The compensation amount depends on the distance traveled:

  • Less than 1,500 km: EUR 250
  • More than 1,500 km within the EU or 1,500-3,500 km for other flights: EUR 400
  • More than 3,500 km: EUR 600

Note – Compensation is not applicable if the delay is due to extraordinary circumstances such as bad weather, political unrest, operational failure, and more.

Qualifications for Delayed Flight Compensation

You qualify for delayed flight compensation under the following conditions:

  • Your flight departing from an EU airport reaches your final destination with a delay of 3 hours or more, and the delay is not caused by extraordinary circumstances.
  • You miss a connecting flight while traveling within the EU or from an EU airport to a non-EU destination, resulting in a delay of 3 hours or more at your final destination.
  • If you accept an alternative flight to a different airport, and it arrives late, you are entitled to transportation costs between the alternative and original airports mentioned on your original flight ticket.

Note –  Compensation is not applicable if you miss your flight due to your own fault.

Familiarizing yourself with the Philippine Airlines cancellation policy is essential for a hassle-free travel experience. By understanding the deadlines and procedures for canceling your booking and requesting a refund, you can effectively manage changes in your travel plans. 

By being proactive and knowledgeable, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free journey with Philippine Airlines cancellation policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to cancel a Philippine Airlines ticket?

You can cancel it online through the myPAL Request Hub, by calling the airline’s representative.

What are the deadlines for canceling my flight with Philippine Airlines?

It is important to cancel your flight booking and apply for a refund up to 3 hours before scheduled departure.

How long does it take to receive a refund from Philippine Airlines?

Refunds for tickets purchased by credit card take up to 7 business days. For tickets purchased by cash or check, the refund process may take up to 20 business days.

How much is the cancellation fee for Philippine Airlines?

Refer to the aforementioned Philippine Airlines Cancellation Fee table.

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