Breeze Airways Flight Change Policy

It’s a common fact the travel plans should be changed sometimes because of various circumstances including flight times and dates changes or even the trip being cancelled. In order to address this reality, Breeze Airways has developed an extensive and flexible policy to change your travel schedule. This guide focuses on explaining the details of the Breeze Airways flight change policy including how to do this, fees, and the instructions in case the airline changes your scheduled service. 

It is to provide you with the needed information on how to do that. Breeze Airways is known for its customer-friendly policies and its instruction should offer multiple opportunities for its passengers to adjust their travel plans at the minimal cost. The guide explores changing the date of travel, dealing with flight cancellations, and the compliance with managing the booking with ease.

Key Highlights of the Breeze Airways Flight Change Policy

Before getting into the details, let’s outline the major points of the Breeze Airways Flight Change Policy:

  • Changing Flights for Free: You are allowed to modify your flight up to 15 minutes before departure without incurring an associated fee, subject to differences in fare. You will also have to notify the airline in order to accommodate you on another flight..
  • Flight Cancellations and Delays: The prepared policy includes what the airline will do if the flight is canceled or delayed two or more hours.
  • Rebooking: According to the policy, you can be rebooked on another flight without additional costs.
  • Accommodations for Delays: Breeze Airways provides accommodations for passengers in rare situations that need overnight accommodations.
  • BreezePoints for Baggage Fees: If you switch flights after purchasing baggage, the fee is credited back as BreezePoints.

These points cover the various perspectives of free changes, decisions regarding cancellations and delays, Breeze Points, and fees.

Breeze Airways Change Flight Date and Time

Changing your Breeze Airways flight is a simple process that covers several scenarios:

  1. Standard Changes:
    • Changes before Departure: You can change your flight date and time up to 15 minutes before your scheduled departure.
    • Fare Difference: If the fare for the new flight is higher, the difference in cost must be covered by the passenger.
  2. Flight Rebooking due to Airline-Initiated Changes:
    • Over 2 Hours Delay/Cancellation: The customer may rebook the new flight at no additional cost if it is available in 7 days and the departure and arrival airports are the same.

How to Change a Breeze Airways Flight

Changing your flight can be done through various means:

  • By Phone: Calling Breeze Airways directly.
  • Online through My Trips: The most convenient option for most passengers.
  • Breeze Guest Empowerment Team: Available for a small service fee.
  • Through Airport Counters or Retail Outlets: Physical venues to make changes.
  • Via Your Travel Agent: If your booking was made through an agency.

Breeze Airways Flight Change Fee: Understanding the Costs

While Breeze promotes flexibility with no change fees up to 15 minutes before departure, it’s crucial to understand when costs may apply:

  • Fare Differences: The primary cost when changing flights is covering any fare difference between your original and new flight.
  • Breeze Airways Cost to Change Flight: Except for the fare difference in certain conditions, there is no additional fee to change flights.

Scenario-Based Guidelines

Let’s examine how Breeze handles specific travel changes and what passengers can expect:

  1. Cancellation and Rebooking: Detailed guidelines on when and how you can cancel or rebook flights, especially in scenarios where the airline is at fault.
  2. Overnight Accommodations: Criteria under which Breeze offers hotel accommodations for flights delayed to the next day, focusing on non-local passengers and airline faults.
  3. Handling of Baggage Fees: How Breeze converts paid baggage fees into BreezePoints for future use when flights are changed.

Dealing with Delays and Cancellations

  • Breeze’s Responsibility: When the delay or cancellation is within the airline’s control, passengers are given more leeway and benefits.
  • Extraordinary Circumstances: In events out of the airline’s control (like weather), Breeze still assists passengers, though within more limited bounds.

How to Change Flight Date on Breeze Airways

For most passengers, changes will typically involve adjusting flight dates. Here’s how:

  1. Online Changes: The preferred method with a step-by-step guide from logging into ‘My Trips’ to completing the change.
  2. Phone and In-Person Changes: Alternatives for those needing or preferring human interaction.

Cancellation Policy

Beyond changing flights, cancelling and understanding the implications, especially regarding refunds and credits, is crucial. Breeze’s policy offers flexibility, highly benefiting the passenger in many scenarios.

Navigating Breeze Airways Change Flight Time

While making changes to the flight date is the most common adjustment, it is not uncommon for individuals to have to change the flight time. Breeze Airways allows passengers to alter the flight time in the same way as the date, and the discussion above describes the process of changing the flight time that is “early morning flight to an afternoon one” . As such, passengers will have a similar experience when navigating the same friendly user interface to make these and other changes. Concurrently, the adjustment is subject to the same rules concerning fare differences and deadlines.

How Much to Change a Flight on Breeze Airways?

The most common question asked by clients is always the cost of such changes, and, as was mentioned earlier, there is no fixed Breeze Airways change fee. However, the most crucial factor that will determine the additional cost above the initial ticket price is the difference in fares . In the case when the new ticket costs more than the original one, the passenger is also responsible for this difference. Crucially, this approach is comforting because it means that there are no hidden Breeze Airways change flight date fees when having to deal with changing one’s flight.

Comprehensive Breakdown of Breeze Airways Flight Change Fee and Fare Differences

Here are some more ideas on what passengers can expect in terms of costs:

  • No Direct Change Fee: Breeze does not charge a fee for changing a booking.
  • Fare Difference: This is still the defining factor: if the new flight costs less, you might find yourself benefiting from the change, but in many cases, you will have to compensate for the higher price.
  • BreezePoints and Baggage Fees: An interesting solution applied by Breeze sees the bagfees that a passenger paid beforehand converted to BreezePoints. This flexibility in the process will be of interest to many passengers, who often worry that they may lose the baggage fee.

Steps to Change My Breeze Airways Flight Date

Factors like changing flight dates or times can be frustrating for many prospective flyers, but this airline simplifies how to do it. Here is how to go about it, with a keen emphasis on why it is the easiest way to do it online:

  1. Online Portal: Put the website’s address on the address bar, go to ‘My Trips’ and enter your booking details.
  2. Select Your Booking: Find the trip that you want to change dates and open the trip details.
  3. Initiate Change: Click on the ‘Change Trip’ button and find the flights you want to change.
  4. Choose New Dates/Times: Now, you should find an alternative to change the flight dates you were about to pick.
  5. Review and Confirm: Check if the pricing is convenient and then submit.

A passenger can do it in an office, home, or any other place where they have access to the internet, which means that there is no need for phone calls or making it to the airport. There are potential fees, suffice to note.

Breeze Airways Cancellation Policy: The Flexibility to Cancel

Understanding Breeze Airways’ approach to cancellations is as crucial as understanding their change policy. The airline offers a similarly passenger-friendly cancellation policy, allowing travelers to cancel their flights up to 15 minutes before departure. Upon cancellation, passengers can receive a full refund in the form of BreezePoints or choose other available options based on the fare type they’ve purchased. This flexibility ensures that travelers are not unduly penalized for changes in their travel plans.

Changing Flights

  1. No Extra Charge: You can change flights without a fee up to 15 minutes before takeoff, but pay attention if the new flight is pricier.
  2. How to Change: Do it yourself online via ‘My Trips’, call Breeze, use airport counters, or contact your travel agent.
  3. Flight Delay/Cancellation by Breeze: If they delay or cancel your flight by more than 2 hours, you can rebook within a week with no extra charge.
  4. Baggage Fees: If you paid for bags and changed your flight, you get the fee back as BreezePoints.

Costs to Consider

  • Only Pay Fare Difference: If the new flight costs more, you pay the difference. If it’s cheaper, you save money or get BreezePoints.
  • No Change Fee: Breeze doesn’t charge a separate fee just for changing the flight.

Canceling Flights

If you need to cancel your Breeze flight:

  1. Cancellation Policy: You can cancel up to 15 minutes before the flight.
  2. Refunds: Instead of cash back, you get BreezePoints for what you spent.


  • No direct fees for changes: Just cover the cost difference if the new flight is more expensive.
  • Flexibility: Breeze makes it easy to change or cancel flights.
  • Online is easiest: Use the Breeze website for the quickest changes.

Now you know, with Breeze Airways, changing and canceling flights is pretty chill — often no extra fees and simple to do!


Breeze Airways positions itself as a customer-centric airline, understanding that travel plans are often fluid. The Breeze Airways Flight Change Policy encapsulates this philosophy, offering passengers various options to adjust their travel plans without heavy penalties. Whether you need to change your flight date on Breeze Airways, deal with cancellations, or understand potential costs, Breeze’s policies are designed to support your needs. Remember, the key to a hassle-free travel experience lies in knowing your options and understanding the policies that affect your journey..

Whether you’re looking to change your Breeze Airways flight departure date, adjust the return date, or even cancel your trip, the airline’s policies are designed to accommodate your needs with minimal financial impact. Armed with this knowledge, passengers can plan their travels with Breeze Airways, knowing they have the flexibility to adapt their plans as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my Breeze Airways flight date?

Yes, you definitely can change your flight’s date. Just make sure to do it before your flight’s scheduled time to leave.

Does it cost money to change a flight with Breeze Airways?

Changing a flight will not cost an extra fee, but if the new flight’s price is higher, you’ll have to pay the difference.

How do I change my flight on Breeze Airways?

Change your flight easily online using the ‘My Trips’ section, call their customer service, or talk to someone at the airport desk.

Can I change my flight to a cheaper one and get money back?

If the new choice costs less, the leftover amount becomes BreezePoints, which you can use for future travel with Breeze Airways.

How close to my flight departure can I make changes?

You have the flexibility to change your flight up until 15 minutes before it’s scheduled to take off.

What if Breeze Airways changes my flight time or cancels my flight?

If Breeze changes your flight by a big amount of time or cancels, they’ll let you reschedule or offer you BreezePoints without extra cost.

Can I get a refund if I decide not to travel?

While Breeze doesn’t usually give back cash refunds, they do offer BreezePoints that you can use later for another flight.

What are BreezePoints?

BreezePoints are like the airline’s own currency that you collect and can use later to pay for flights or other services Breeze offers.

Can I change my flight at the airport on the day of departure?

Yes, you’re welcome to make last-minute changes at the airline counter at the airport, just be sure it’s 15 minutes before departure.

Where can I find more information about changing flights with Breeze Airways?

The best place for the latest rules about flight changes is the Breeze Airways official website or you can call their helpful customer service.

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