Justfly Flight Change Policy

A Guide To The Justfly Flight Change Policy

So, your vacation plans got changed? Your ideal trip doesn’t have to fall through just because of some unexpected twists and turns. Every once in a while, life gets in the way of your well-planned schedule, and Justfly gets that. No need to be afraid! With this guide, you may easily navigate the Justfly flight change policy regarding flight changes.

It’ll help you make sense of the specifics, investigate any possible costs, and arm you with the information you need to make changes to your trip. Fasten your seatbelt, take out your passport, and we will set you on the path of adventure once more!

Comprehending The Justfly Flight Change Policy

Justfly serves as the intermediary between you and the airline, therefore, your flight change flexibility is determined by two essential aspects.

Double-check the Airline’s Policy: Since Justfly acts as a booking agent. Regarding flight adjustments, each airline has its rules and policies. There are some restrictions on changes (date, destination, number of passengers), deadlines that must be met, and fees detailed in this policy.

Justfly’s Fees on Top: Even though you will be faced with the airline’s fees for changing your flight, it’s also essential to notice that Justfly might charge additional processing fees for handling your request.

Common Flight Change Scenarios (with Potential Fees)

Date Tweaks

To change your departure or arrival date, you can use the Justfly flight change policy. However, be aware that depending on the airline and how quickly you request it, there might be charges associated with this. To understand the fees associated with flight changes, make sure to examine both Justfly’s policy and the airline’s policy. Verify if your itinerary falls within the grace period (usually 24 hours after booking) when you can reschedule your flight date without paying a price; some airlines even provide this service.

Destination Detours

Justfly may make it more difficult to change your flight’s destination than to change the departure or arrival dates. The new destination can have a major impact on the associated fees, which are likely to be dictated by the airline’s policy. There may be additional processing fees associated with this sort of alteration according to the Justfly flight change policy. To explore your alternatives and obtain a comprehensive understanding of the fees involved, it’s usually better to contact Justfly’s customer service directly.

Adding Passengers

It is usually feasible to add more people to your existing Justfly reservation, but there may be expenses associated with it. Additional processing fees may apply according to the Justfly flight change policy, on top of the fees normally set by the airline for adding passengers. Before you finalize any modifications, ensure to check both to understand the overall cost. You can add passengers online in Justfly’s “My Trips” section, but for complex cases, it’s always advisable to contact customer care.

What About Rebooking A New Flight Ticket After Cancelling?

  • Modifying a current flight and getting a new ticket through Justfly are entirely different things with varying laws. Although the Justfly flight change policy explains the steps and costs for changing your itinerary (e.g. dates, passengers), it does not specify the process for cancellation and rebooking.
  • Should you decide to cancel your whole journey, the Justfly cancellation policy will be the norm. Through it, you get informed about the cancellation fees, usually determined by the airline you had your flight with. Moreover, Justfly might have its fees for the cancellation process. It is of great importance to each airline’s cancellation policy and Justfly’s policy. Please, do that before you come to a decision.
  • Suppose a flight is canceled, it is better not to opt for a new and completely different one because it may not be the cheapest option. In such a scenario, you may consider spending less by JustFly only changing the specifics of your selected flight as opposed to the current airline’s processing charges and current ticket prices (if needed). Make sure to consider the possibility of having the fees required and to be calculated.

How To Change Flights At Justfly?

Need to modify your Justfly trip? They offer multiple ways to initiate your flight change:

Online Management: Visit the JustFly website and go to the “My Trips” section. This convenient interface will help you adjust the flight date or add more people.

Talk it Through: Do not hesitate to ask for the help of Justfly’s customer service team if your situation requires more personalized assistance or you are unsure how to go about something. You can reach them any time through :

  • Messaging: Contact JustFly using the messaging platform if you need instant help.
  • Text (SMS): For more information on How To Change Flights Justfly, send a text message.
  • Phone Call: Call Justfly’s toll-free number (+1-877-419-4448) to speak with an agent immediately.


Life doesn’t play fair but that shouldn’t mean changing your Justfly trip should be a pain in the neck! First, remember every airline has its unique policy that determines the fees and constraints when you want to change your flight. Secondly, be informed that on top of the airline’s charges, Justfly could also be charging extra processing fees.

Justfly has more than one way to make a request. You can review your “My Trip” section online for self-service selections. Their polite customer service representatives are waiting for you 24/7 for more complicated problems or when you need personal assistance. Therefore, relax, explore the Justfly flight change policy, and build confidence in your recovery time for the thrill of your experience.

Can you get a refund on Justfly?

Depending on the airline’s policy and the ticket type, it is possible to receive a refund on Justfly.

How much does it cost to change a flight in JustFly?

Two factors determine the cost of changing a flight booked on JustFly: the amount charged by the airline as its penalty for changes and any extra fees levied by JustFly. Please review both your JustFly booking information along with airline policy concerning charges that apply.

Can I reschedule my already booked flight?

Indeed, it is possible to reschedule your flight with JustFly but only if the airline allows it and if there are any fees you have to pay JustFly. Visit their website or get in touch with them to know how you can do that.

What is the rule of reschedule of flight in JustFly?

JustFly doesn’t set the rules for rescheduling – it depends on the airline’s policy. However, JustFly might have additional fees on top of the airline’s charges.

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