Southwest Flight Change Policy Makes Travel Easier

How The Southwest Flight Change Policy Makes Travel Easier

Oh, did your travel plans get messed up slightly? Isn’t it so stressful when flights are altered? You are stressed out about extra charges, the struggle to get another flight, and there may be no space left. But wait a minute! Southwest Airlines is your best friend on air and it has put forth the Southwest Flight Change Policy to address your concerns. No flight change fee on any domestic flight? It sounds unbelievable! This policy signifies additional options and decreased anxiety.

Let’s delve deeper into what Southwest’s stance on changing flights is all about, seeing it as something that will simply help you have a good time on your journey!

Understanding The Southwest Flight Change Policy

If you need to switch flights but are concerned about change fees, check out the Southwest Flight Change Policy – let us decode all the details!

Cancelling A Flight With Southwest

Southwest offers four fares–Business Select, Anytime, Wanna Get Away+, and Wanna Get Away–as well as a few unique fares (military fares) and optional services. You can book most of these fares and services online, but a few services require you to call our Customer Representatives, and/or purchase in-airport.

Fare prices can be higher or lower depending on where you are traveling from, your flight date/ time, the number of travelers, the pricing type chosen at checkout, etc. If the conditions change, it could result in lowered fares available. Thus, within a certain period, they’re likely going up in price again or running out entirely because there are only a few left.

But remember, they’re only permanent until a reservation is made or until payment is received. They can change due to the unavailability of seats on a particular flight route from a given airline carrier in a given capacity. It is necessary to have a booking one hour before the flight leaves for internal flights or two hours before international flights depart. All rules and restrictions must be met when combining fares.

Crucial Details Regarding The Modification Or Cancellation Of Reservations

Southwest understands that there are times when plans can be changed. In case you are not planning to use all or part of your ticket, please consider the following options:

  • As Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy mentioned, you may change your reservation within 24 hours before departure day. You can change the schedule without any penalties, although the prices differ.
  • Kindly notify the airlines, if you intend to terminate your booking within 10 minutes before the proposed boarding time. If the cancellation is not made within 10 minutes before the original departure time, the amount of money equivalent to the Business Select or Anytime ticket is paid back through Transferable Flight Credit.
  • Would you separate Wanna Get Away? or Wanna Get Away Plus, and the funds be forfeited? For Wanna Get Away and Wanna Get Away Plus points, reward travel reservations are booked by passengers: If you fail to cancel your reservation at least 10 minutes before the originally scheduled flight departure time, then all points that were redeemed for the reservation along with all taxes and fees associated with your reward travel reservation will be forfeited.
  • When you book reward travel with any time or Business Select, the Rapid Rewards account of the person who is booking will get refunded with the points used, and taxes and fees accompanying the booking will be transformed into a Transferable Flight Credit for another day.
  • Do not forget about your confirmation number. Note your confirmation number if you cancel your booking. When customers call because they want refunds, the confirmation number, ticket number, or flight information (origin, destination, and date) must be provided.
  • If you cancel an unmodified reservation within 24 hours of booking, a method-of-payment refund holds the ticket value as a flight credit or Transferable Flight Credit to purchase a future flight.

Anytime, Wanna Get Away+, Business Select, and Wanna Get Away are Southwest Airlines’ Four Primary Fares

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy For Business Select Fares:

  • In case of an irregular operation, the boarding position is not secured. Your Boarding position will be better. Hence you will be among the very first passengers to board the plane.
  • A Southwest flight credit from a previous reservation that has been used towards a Business Select or Anytime fare shall be refunded as a Transferable Flight Credit. A hundred percent refund back to the initial means of payment is what you get when you cancel within ten (10) minutes before your flight leaves, as long as it was done in good time.
  • According to the Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy, one free premium drink the day you travel. Complimentary premium drink service (flights over 176 miles). Passengers must be over 21 years old to have alcoholic drinks.
  • Priority Lanes and Express Lanes, when possible, help get our Business Select and Anytime Customers and A-List and A-List Preferred Members through check-in and security lines as quickly as imagined. Southwest check-in counters have Priority Lanes, while security checkpoints are endowed with Express Lanes.
  • Get 12 times more reward points on your base fare for qualifying flights. Flights that Southwest has booked and flown entirely for cash or paid for using Southwest LUV Voucher®, gift card, or flight credit without any element of the acquisition being in Rapid Rewards points.

Southwest Same-Day Change

On the day of your journey, you have the option to switch at no extra cost to another flight that has space on the same date from the same departing place to the same arriving place as the one on which you originally booked.

Southwest Same-Day Standby

You can request same-day standby on an earlier flight with a Southwest Customer Service Agent at the airport or the Southwest app or mobile web. If you are cleared for the flight, you will receive notifications based on the communication method chosen during booking.

Both if you change your flight or request to be added to the Southwest same-day change or standby list on the day of travel at least 10 minutes before its scheduled departure time; otherwise the no-show policy applies. However, for standby using an app or mobile web, list your name 30 minutes before the flight is scheduled to depart.

These itinerary changes may require you to pay any associated government taxes and the Southwest Airline flight change fee, if applicable, but refunds will be provided. Your initial boarding position is not assured. For Southwest same-day change or standby listings, Southwest Business customers who booked their flights via travel agencies may have to talk to a Southwest employee at the airport.

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy for Anytime Fares

  • You can get 10 times more Rapid Rewards points on your base fare for qualifying flights. Qualifying flights are tickets purchased and flown through Southwest in dollars only or in vouchers, credits, and gift cards that were given out by Southwest or bought with dollars at the point persons must only pay for those tickets without using Rapid Rewards points in buying them.
  • You may cancel your reservation gratuitously if you cancel it at least ten (10) minutes before the time set for departure of your flight. Once you cancel, you qualify for a reimbursement, amounting to your ticket’s total purchase price, which will be credited back to how you paid for it initially. An amount already paid by you in regards to a prior Southwest flight reservation for a Business Select or Anytime rate will be repaid as a Transferable Flight Credit instead.
  • Ensure you remember your flight details to confirm that your 36-hour automatic check-in is done and over with, at EarlyBird Check-In.

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy for Wanna Get Away+ Fares

  • Nonrefundable. By canceling at least 10 minutes before the scheduled departure, you will be given a Transferable Flight Credit for the value of your unused funds: Transferable Flight Credit not only offers you the ability to move your credit from one flight to the next or to some other person, as they wish. Only they must be Rapid Rewards Members, and only the transfer can be carried out once. This restricted service is only applicable to a Southwest Business channel booking. It is allowed only between employees of related organizations.
  • Earn 8 times the number of points with the LUV Rewards, a member of the Rapid Rewards program, to earn for still take off of by base fare for qualifying flights6. Southwest and Southwest LUV Vouchers, gift cards flight credits, or dollar flights booked through Southwest and flown through Southwest will qualify for the flights. The fares should be purchased with dollars and not twice the points raised thereon.

South-West Airlines Flight Change Policy for Wanna Get Away Fares

  • No refunds. In case, the flight is canceled at least ten minutes before its scheduled departure, flight credits will be provided for non-refundable rates.
  • On your base fare of qualifying flights, earn 6X the Rapid rewards points. The qualifying flights are those that are booked and flown through Southwest and flights that have been paid for using only dollars, Southwest LUV Vouchers, gift cards, or flight credits, without any part being paid for by Rapid Rewards points from the purchase price.

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy for Military Fares

South-west to appreciate the service by the active-duty U.S. military members and their authorized dependents, offers military fares. To learn more about these fares, you can always call +1-877-419-4448

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy for Government Fares

  • Under the conditions of the Federal Government Fares, federal employees are allowed to only purchase through an approved travel management system, travel agency, or commercial travel office, or they may use the Southwest Government Reservation Desk- +1-877-419-4448. The federal government’s authorized department should procure the ticket using the agency’s preferred mode of purchase.
  • does not have State Government (GST) Fares; therefore, they can only be bought using the Southwest Government Reservation Desk by calling +1-877-419-4448. They must also utilize their agency’s preferred channel for purchasing a ticket.
  • You are now required to incorporate EarlyBird Check-In into our YCA government fare to be able to do an automatic check-in 36 hours before your boat pierces the horizon.

How To Cancel A Southwest Flight

  • Cancellation and changing of numerous flights can be done through the Southwest website or app without the need to call, per Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy.
  • You should search for the Manage Reservations feature on our website or the app. You will go for your reservation and click either change or cancel, depending on what you would like to do.
  • Your first step is to modify or cancel a flight for a particular traveler in a reservation having two or more passengers by breaking up the booking. After the division of the reservation, you will be able to modify or suspend the needy reservation. Generally, you can divide your reservation or change the number of people flying without calling. Besides, the newly divided customer will obtain an email with a new confirmation number following the detaching from the first reservation.

Companion Pass Reservations:

These steps will guide you on how to change the flight associated with another Companion’s flight:

  • Flight cancellation for the associated companion
  • Modify your flight to what you seek in terms of date, time, and destination.
  • Rebook the flight for the Companion.

In case you have already canceled the Companion’s reservation and there are still no changes that can be made to your flight, there could be some delay.


Travel plans can change suddenly in the fast-moving contemporary society. The Southwest Airlines flight change policy recognizes this and makes it easier for you to adjust. There’s no more rushing around trying to find another great deal for your new flight or being concerned with high charges. With Southwest, you are allowed to alter your domestic flights without incurring any charge for the same itinerary (just get ready to pay more if there is a difference in fare).

With its flexibility, you could encounter less stress from traveling and find yourself more confident. There is no need to panic about changing flight time just because the work came suddenly or some other crisis has arisen; also there is an opportunity, where you can find another better flight at Southwest Airlines without any problem. For more details explore the Southwest Airlines flight change policy now!

Can I Change My Southwest Flight To A Different Flight?

Well, you can change up your Southwest flight without much effort! For the flights inside the United States, paying the fee to change a flight is the only thing you will not do, to avoid change fees, but you might pay more if your new flight is a bit more costly. But you can still connect through the internet, call customer service, or get your flight details at the kiosks at the airport.

Can you change your Southwest flight without penalty?

You can! Fourth South-West and not so far airlines do not impose alteration charges for domestic flights, though you could come across a new flight that is more expensive than before.

Is there a change fee for Southwest flights?

Nope! Southwest wins for flexibility. No change fees on domestic flights, but you’ll cover the fare difference if your new flight costs more.

Does Southwest have free rebooking?

Affirmative! Southwest Airlines provides free “change flights” on domestic routes – no fees identified if you change, but you may need to cover the differences if the upcoming flight is higher in price, so there are no changes.

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