EL AL Airlines Name Change Policy

EL AL Airlines Name Change Policy

Travel plans can often change unexpectedly, leading to the need for adjustments to flight tickets including names. Whether it is grabbing any possible opportunity, some typographical error, legal name change, or any other circumstance knowing the EL AL Airlines name change policy is very crucial for the passengers. 

In this blog, we will explore the nitty-gritty of changing your name on a ticket for the renowned EL AL Airlines covering every necessary detail to guide you through the process effortlessly.

Overview of EL AL Airlines Name Change Policy

EL AL Airlines’ name change policy covers not only issues like incorrect spelling and minor modifications but also changes that are the result of marriage or divorce for legal reasons. While pursuing some of them will be straightforward, others may require more documents, as well as probably incurring some charges.

Key Points of EL AL Airlines Name Change Policy

  • Inflexibility on Name Changes: EL AL Airlines’ policy mandates that the names on the tickets must remain the same post-booking. This underlines the importance of ensuring accuracy when initially booking your flight.
  • Corrections Allowed: Minor corrections to names due to typographical errors may be accommodated to ensure the name on the ticket matches the passenger’s documentation.
  • Legal Name Changes: Situations such as EL AL Airlines name change marriage or divorce, which necessitate a legal name change, are typically handled on a case-by-case basis and require appropriate documentation.

Understanding the Limitations

Before diving into how to approach a name change, let’s clarify the restrictions:

  • Complete Name Changes Not Permitted: Changing a passenger’s name entirely to transfer the ticket to another person is not allowed.
  • Documentation Requirement: Legal name changes will require documented proof, such as a marriage certificate for an EL AL Airlines last name change due to marriage.

Step-by-Step Guide to EL AL Airlines Name Change for Different Scenarios

When dealing with name changes on flight tickets, knowing the exact steps to follow for your specific situation proves invaluable. Below is a detailed guide tailored to different scenarios under the EL AL Airlines name change policy.

1. Minor Name Corrections

Minor name corrections are often the simplest to address. These steps should help if your name has been misspelled on your ticket:

  • Contact EL AL Customer Service: The first thing you should do is try to start a direct communication with EL AL Airlines customer support.
  • Explain Your Issue: Clearly explain that there’s been a typographical error with the name on the ticket.
  • Provide Booking Details: Be prepared to give your booking reference and other information to assist the customer support personnel in locating your reservation.
  • Follow Instructions: The agent will take you step by step through the procedure, which may involve having your passport scanned to get the lettering of your name correct.

For passengers who have completed a legal name change as a result of marriage, divorce or other legal purposes, these are the following actions:

  • Prepare proof of your documents: Ensure you have all your important legal proof ready before you call EL AL Airlines. For example, in the situation of a marriage name change, your proof is the marriage statement or similar from the corresponding family law firms.
  • Contact Customer Service: You might be asked to audit some of your legal papers or other types of papers. Talk to the customer agent support how to share some of your papers with them.
  • Submit Documentation: You may be requested to audit some of your legal papers or other relevant documents. Check the customer agent support to verify how to share several of your documents securely.
  • Confirmation: Once the provided document is aquitted and your request of name change is accepted you should get confirmation from the EL AL Airlines guys. Make sure that you have a new booking confirmation or a ticket on your new legal name.

3. EL AL Airlines Skymiles Name Change

If you need to update the name on your EL AL Skymiles account, here’s what to do:

  • Contact the Skymiles Program: The Skymiles program might have a separate contact point from the general airline customer service. Find the correct contact details on the EL AL Airlines website.
  • Provide Membership Details: Be ready with your SkyMiles membership number and personal identification to verify your account.
  • Submit a Request: Explain that you need a name change on your SkyMiles account due to a legal name change or correction and follow the instructions provided.

EL AL Airlines Name Change Fee

It’s crucial to know the potential fees for the service:

  • Potential Fees: Even though some minor corrections may be made without any payment, any significant changes in the name, especially if it must be identified through legal documents, may be subject to the EL AL Airlines name change fee. The fee may change, and if users want the most accurate information, they should contact the airline directly.

How much does it cost to change a flight with EL AL?

Changing your flight with EL AL usually costs money. Here’s what affects the price:

  • Your Ticket Type: If your ticket says ‘Flex’, you don’t pay the change fee. But if the new flight is pricier, you pay the difference.
  • Your Flight’s Destination: Different places can have different fees.
  • Time Before Flight: If your flight is closed, changing it might be more expensive.

For Economy tickets to places like the Far East and South Africa:

  • It’s $200 for the ‘Lite’ option.
  • It’s $160 for the ‘Classic’ option.
  • There’s no fee for the ‘Flex’ option, but if your new flight costs more, you’ll pay the difference.

For the exact amount, best to call your local EL AL office.

Name Change After Booking a Group Ticket

If you’ve booked multiple tickets together as a group and one person needs a name change:

  • Multiple Passengers: If the booking includes multiple passengers, understand that changes made for one passenger may impact the entire booking. This could affect seat selections and other arrangements.
  • Name Changes vs. Corrections: It’s essential to distinguish between the need for a correction (misspelling, minor error) versus a complete name change (legal name change). The former is generally easier to address.
  • Group Booking Policy: There may be specific policies for group bookings, so be sure to ask about these.

Mistakes in the Last Name

If you’ve made a mistake in the last name, the process is similar to correcting a first name:

  • Reach Out Promptly: Call customer service as soon as you notice the mistake.
  • Proof of Correct Name: Be ready with your ID or passport to show what your correct last name is.

Different Last Names on Passport and Ticket

If your ticket and passport last names don’t match due to a recent name change and you haven’t updated your passport yet:

  • Travel With Old Passport: If possible, take your old passport with the name matching your ticket.
  • Document Showing Name Link: If you’ve updated your passport but not your ticket, carry documentation that legally links your old name to your new one.

Fees and Charges for Name Changes

The cost for a name change can change based on when you make the request:

  • Closer to the Flight Date: It might be more expensive to change your name close to your flight date.

Changing Your Name if You Booked Through a Travel Agency

If you booked your ticket through a travel agent, you have to contact them:

  • Contact the Agency: They will handle the name change process with EL AL Airlines for you.
  • Agency Policy and Fees: The agency might have its own fees or rules about name changes.

EL AL Airlines Ticket Transfer

As a reminder, you can’t transfer your EL AL ticket to another person:

  • No Transfers Allowed: Tickets are personal and can’t be given to someone else by changing the name on the ticket.

Customer Service Contact

Getting in touch with customer service is the first step for most name changes:

  • Phone or Email: Use the contact information provided on EL AL’s official website. They might have different numbers based on where you are located.

What To Do Next?

After you have made a name change, here’s what to look out for:

  • New Ticket: You should receive a new ticket or a booking confirmation with the corrected name.
  • Check Your Booking Online: Sometimes you can check your updated booking details online through EL AL’s website.

If Problems Arise

If you run into any issues or your name change is not reflected:

  • Follow-up: Call customer service again for help. Having your booking reference number and any case numbers from previous calls will be helpful.
  • Stay Calm and Patient: Be patient but persistent to ensure your issue is resolved.

Following these steps should help you navigate a name change on your EL AL Airlines ticket without too much trouble. Remember to act quickly and stay informed about any potential costs or documents you might need.

Checking Your Booking Status

After requesting a name change, it is wise to double-check that your booking is up-to-date:

  • Use EL AL’s Online System: If it is available, one could log in to EL AL’s online system to see their current booking details.
  • Call If You’re Unsure: Finally, if a certain thing of your journey is not clear after the name change process, a phone call should quickly confirm where you stand.

Waiting for Confirmation

Sometimes, it might take a bit for your name change to process:

  • Give It Some Time: Allow a few days for the change to show up in the system.
  • Confirmation Email: Keep an eye on your email for any updates from EL AL.

Wrong Information Again

If, after making a name change, the information is still wrong:

  • Double-Check With Customer Service: Sometimes mistakes happen. Call them back and explain the situation.

When You Can’t Make Changes

If you find out that your name change can’t be made for some reason:

  • Understand Why: Ask for a clear explanation so you know why the change is not possible.
  • Plan Next Steps: Based on what they say, decide if you need to cancel or book a new ticket.

Last-Minute Name Changes

If you need to make a name change just before your flight:

  • Check the Deadline: Ask EL AL about the latest you can make changes.
  • Prepare for Extra Costs: Last-minute changes might cost more.

Advice for International Travel

Name changes for international flights can be more complex:

  • Match Passport Exactly: Your ticket name needs to match your passport perfectly for international trips.
  • Visa Considerations: If you have a visa, that name must match as well.

Avoiding Name Change Issues

The best way to avoid name change problems:

  • Double-Check When Booking: Taking a moment to review everything before finalizing your booking can save a lot of trouble.
  • Legal Name for Booking: Always use the name on your passport or ID to avoid mismatches.

Name Changes for Minors

If you’re changing a name for a child or infant ticket:

  • Guardian Approval: The adult or guardian making the change might need to provide consent or ID.
  • Birth Certificate: For very young travelers, you might be asked for a birth certificate.

Important Considerations

  • Early Action: Address the need for a name change as soon as possible to avoid complications close to your travel date.
  • Documentation: Always have relevant documentation ready, whether for minor corrections or legal name changes.
  • Confirm Changes: Make sure to receive a confirmation of the name change and a revised ticket from EL AL Airlines.


Navigating the EL AL Airlines name change policy requires awareness of the airline’s restrictions and procedures. Whether you’re correcting a minor error or updating your name due to major life events, being informed, prepared with the necessary documentation, and understanding potential fees will streamline the process. Always start by contacting EL AL Airlines’ customer service for guidance tailored to your specific situation.

Remember, ensuring your ticket accurately reflects your legal name is essential for a hassle-free travel experience. Take the time to understand and follow the proper procedures for a name change or correction to ensure your upcoming travel plans with EL AL Airlines proceed smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer my EL AL ticket to someone else by changing the name?

No, EL AL Airlines does not permit transferring tickets by changing names completely to another person.

Is there a fee for changing a name on an EL AL Airlines ticket?

While minor corrections may not incur a fee, legal name changes might. It’s best to contact EL AL directly for the most accurate information regarding an EL AL Airlines name change fee.

How do I change my name on an EL AL Airlines ticket due to marriage?

The process involves contacting EL AL Airlines customer service, providing a marriage certificate, and possibly paying a fee. Start this process well ahead of your travel date.

How can I change my name on an EL AL ticket?

A small typo in a passenger’s name can be easily fixed by contacting EL AL’s customer support team.

Can I change the name on my ticket to someone else’s?

EL AL does not allow transferring a ticket by changing the booked passenger’s name to another person.

What if my name is wrong just before the flight?

If a passenger’s flight is soon and their name is incorrect, they should contact EL AL immediately to inquire about a last-minute name correction.

How long does it take to process a name change?

After a passenger requests a name change, EL AL typically updates the information in its system within a matter of days.

Is there a deadline for when I can change my name on a ticket?

There is no fixed time allowing to change the name on the ticket, however changing it close to the flight date will likely require more costs from the passenger. It is advisable that the name is changed as soon as possible.

Do I need to provide any documents for a name change?

When changing the name you will generally need to provide a legal document that could be a passport or an ID.

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