Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy

Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy

When you book a flight, one of the key details is getting your name right. But what happens when it’s not correct on your ticket? That’s when the Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy comes into play. This policy allows you to correct the mistakes or change your name on your Spirit Airlines ticket. From simple typo corrections to legal name changes, this policy has you covered. 

It’s designed to ensure that passengers can amend their names on the tickets as needed. Understanding the Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy helps manage your booking more efficiently, ensuring a hassle-free flight experience. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Let’s explore a comprehensive guide to the name change policy at Spirit Airlines.

Understanding Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy

The Spirit Airlines name change policy is explicit and straightforward. It obliges every passenger to use their correct name, the same way it appears on their government-issued IDs, to avoid any discrepancies that may prevent them from boarding their flight. We know that mistakes happen, and typos can quickly end up on the ticket. Well, Spirit Airlines is understanding and accommodates such minor issues.

Free Corrections: Misspellings or Typos

Spirit Airlines allows free name changes on tickets with minor misspellings or typographical errors. Getting your name corrected on your flight ticket can be done at zero charge if it involves such minor alterations. 

Examples of these amendments include changing ‘Feline’ to ‘Filene’ or ‘Anntony’ to ‘Anthony’. Remember, these free corrections apply if the name change requires only adjusting a minor mistake.

Substantial Name Changes

However, significant legal changes, such as those due to marriage or divorce, will incur a change fee since your ticket requires reissuing under your correct name. If, for instance, you’ve changed your name due to marriage or divorce, adoption, etc., you can apply for a name change. 

How? By providing supporting legal documentation, such as your marriage certificate, divorce decree, court order, legal name change document, and others in the same vein. So that’s what Spirit Airlines name change marriage or Spirit Airlines last name change means- a legally necessitated change which usually incurs a fee.

Passenger Information Changes

Apart from your name, you can also alter other passenger information like your contact details, passport information, date of birth, gender, and redress number. This flexibility assures you that you won’t miss your flight due to an avoidable error.

But what documents do you need for a name change at Spirit Airlines? Let’s explore that next.

Required Documentation for Name Changes

When you want to apply for a name change at Spirit Airlines, you’re required to attach specific supporting documentation. This protocol applies to all instances of name changes except minor misspellings. The following documents are typically required:

  • Court order
  • Marriage license
  • Divorce decree
  • Legal name change document

The need for these documents ensures that the name change process is transparent and accountable, safeguarding the airline and the passenger’s interests.

Changing Your Name: The Procedure

The Spirit Airlines name change process is fairly simple and accommodates different methods- phone, text/WhatsApp, and online. You can change your name on a Spirit Airlines ticket by following these steps:

  • By Phone: Dial 1-855-728-3555 and ask to change your name.
  • By Text/WhatsApp: Send a message to 877-728-3555 starting with ‘Hello’ and take it from there.
  • Online: Visit this page and follow the prompts.

The provision to attach your supporting documents pops up towards the end, so be sure to have them ready.

Spirit Airlines Name Change Fee

So, how much does it cost to change your name on your Spirit Airlines ticket? The truth is, it depends. When it comes to Spirit Airlines name change fee, keep in mind that name changes involving minor typos/misspellings or a legal name change are usually free. Here’s the kicker: if the name change is significant enough to warrant reissuing your ticket, a charge may apply.

The change fee could fall anywhere between USD 69– 119, determined by when you request the name change. However, Spirit Airlines provides a couple of free corridors. Name changes made within the 24-hour grace period or at least 60 days before departure are free. Why? It’s simple: you can cancel your ticket and rebook it under the correct name without incurring any costs. This grace applies to all kinds of tickets, whether they were reserved directly from the airline or through a third-party agent.

Restrictions and Guidelines

Certain restrictions may apply when changing names on Spirit Airlines tickets, particularly when a third party is involved in the booking. Such fares may not be eligible for a name change or may be subject to time restrictions. Always carefully review the terms and conditions of your fare.

Here is a simplified look at the Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy:

Ticket TypeFare RulesName Change Policy
Standard EconomyNon-refundableAllowed with restrictions

Please note that this table is subject to change. We recommend that you always consult Spirit Airlines’ website or contact their customer service for the most recent and exact information.

So, are you eligible for a name change at Spirit Airlines? Here’s how you can find out.

Eligibility for Name Change on Spirit Airlines Tickets

When considering a name change, first ensure that your ticket type and booking class are eligible for such modifications. Spirit Airlines specifies this information in their name change policy, emphasizing the flexibility and limitations attached to various fare types.

How to Check Your Eligibility

  1. Review Your Ticket Details: Your ticket or booking confirmation email will have the fare rules and restrictions listed.
  2. Contact Customer Support: You can call Spirit Airlines customer service directly to inquire about your ticket’s eligibility for name changes.
  3. Online Inquiry: For some ticket types, you might be able to check your eligibility for name changes directly on Spirit Airlines‘ official website by entering your booking details.

Categories of Eligible Name Changes

  • Spelling Errors and Typos: Almost all tickets are eligible for minor corrections.
  • Legal Name Changes (Including Marriage and Divorce): Requires legal documentation but generally allowed across ticket types, sometimes for a fee.
  • Adoption or Legal Guardianship Changes: Similar to marriage or divorce, but documents must specifically reflect the legal change due to adoption.

Spirit Airlines Skymiles Name Change

Spirit Airlines also allows for name changes on its Free Spirit frequent flyer accounts, enabling members to update their profiles to match their legal names. Amendments to your Free Spirit account for reasons such as legal name changes due to marriage or divorce are usually processed without charges but will require appropriate documentation.

How to Request a Skymiles Name Change:

  1. Contact Free Spirit Customer Service: Provide your member ID and explain the reason for the name change.
  2. Submit Documentation: You might need to email or otherwise electronically submit the legal documents proving the name change.

How to Change a Name on a Spirit Airlines Ticket

Changing your name on a Spirit Airlines ticket involves a few straightforward steps. It’s important to act promptly, especially if your flight date is near.

Step-By-Step Process to Name Change:

  1. Determine Eligibility: As discussed above, check if your ticket and the reason for name change fall within the allowed parameters.
  2. Gather Necessary Documents: Have all required legal documents handy in case you need to submit them.
  3. Contact Spirit Airlines: Pick the communication method most convenient for you – phone, text, or online.
  4. Provide Details for the Change: Clearly explain the situation and provide all necessary information for the name change.
  5. Pay Any Applicable Fees: Be prepared to pay the name change fee if your situation does not qualify for a free change.
  6. Receive Confirmation: Ensure you get a confirmation of the name change for your records.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

Sometimes, it might be easier or necessary to cancel your original ticket and rebook with the correct name, especially within Spirit Airlines’ 24-hour free cancellation window. The Spirit Airlines cancellation policy offers flexibility, allowing passengers to cancel within 24 hours after booking provided that the flight is at least seven days away, without any penalties.

Strategic Considerations:

  • If you’ve made a typo or need a name change shortly after booking, consider canceling and rebooking.
  • Weigh the cost of the name change fee against the current ticket prices – sometimes, rebooking might be more economical.

Further Considerations:

Booking Through Third-Party Agents

If your reservation was made through a third-party travel agency or booking platform, the process for name changes might slightly differ. It’s essential to:

  • Contact the Agent Directly: Start by reaching out to the agency through which you booked. Their policies might add another layer to the process, and they could have their own fees.
  • Understand the Policy Differences: Some travel agencies have stricter policies, which might not allow name changes or impose higher fees than the airline.

Multiple Passengers and Group Bookings

For bookings involving multiple passengers or groups, changes might become more complex, especially if only one passenger needs a name change. 

Here are some important things to remember when considering name changes on booking tickets and reservations:

  • Individual Changes: Firstly, even if you are booking a ticket within a group reservation, name changes are usually considered only on individual “tickets” or booking confirmations.
  • Group Discounts and Rates: Secondly, remember that any changes, including the case in question, may result in losing discounts or even face increased booking costs due to other reasons.

Watch Out for Travel Deals and Promo Tickets

Some of Spirit Airlines’ promotional fares or special deals might have stricter rules about any changes or cancellations. Always review:

  • Promotional Restrictions: Even if the “No Changes Allowed” Policy , many specials will include the restrictive rules in the fine print. So review the promotional rules before buying them.
  • Fare Differences: Some of the promotions might allow the name change on the reservation but you will have to pay the difference to the current price of the same trip. For example, the difference can be very substantial.

Pro Tips:

  1. Double-Check Before Booking: The appropriate way to avoid the hassle is not to get into one. Always double-check personal information before finally clicking the ‘book’ button. Be sure the person’s name is spelled exactly as it is stated in the passport.
  2. Use the 24-Hour Window: If you notice the error right away, the 24 window gives you some time to realize that you have made a mistake and cancel the booking without any penalties. You will be able to rebook the accommodation or hire it again with the correct information.
  3. Maintain Documentation: Sometimes, the change of name might require you to contact the customer service with some official papers (e.g. a petition, the marriage certificate) that prove that you are now traveling under a different name. If your names have changed because you have married recently, make sure that you will have the scanned copies of the necessary papers when the time comes to show them.
  4. Early Changes Save Money: If one simply wants to change the name in a booking, and the travel documents have not been issued, it is possible to avoid additional fees that some airline or accommodation may charge for the change.
  5. Stay Informed During Peak Travel Times: Keep in mind that during the peak travel season, the policies may become stricter or the processing time – longer. Plan in advance and allow plenty of time for any possible changes.
  6. Screen Capture the Confirmation: Consider taking a screen capture once your name change is confirmed. If you receive an email confirmation, it can be beneficial to save it for quick online access.

Final Thoughts

Spirit Airlines strives to accommodate passenger needs, including name changes on tickets, with specific policies in place. Whether it’s a minor typo that needs correcting or a significant legal name change due to life events, understanding the Spirit Airlines name change policy can help navigate the process smoothly. 

Navigating Spirit Airlines’ name change policy, or any airline’s, does not have to be a complicated process, assuming one knows the proper steps and acts swiftly. Spirit Airlines’ policies are relatively accommodative with some restrictions, as the airline attempts to ensure that small mistakes do not turn into major issues when travelling.

That being said, the simplest mistakes can also lead to complex procedures, meaning that the user must still take care to ensure that all their personal details are correct when booking. Most importantly, one must understand the policy that underpins their ticket and take a proactive stance if they hope to enjoy hassle-free travel with Spirit Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my name on a Spirit Airlines ticket?

Yes, you can change your name on a Spirit Airlines ticket. However, one needs to follow Spirit’s name change policy for the same.

How much does it cost to change my name on a Spirit Airlines ticket?

A change fee might apply depending on the nature of your name change. The fee typically ranges from USD 69–119. If it’s a minor typo or spell correction, it’s free.

How do I change my name on the ticket?

To change your name on the ticket, contact the Spirit Airlines customer service by phone, text, or online, and follow the procedure they instruct.

Can I change my name on my Skymiles with Spirit Airlines?

Yes, you can change your name in your Free Spirit frequent flyer account by contacting the Free Spirit customer service and providing the necessary documentation.

What do I need when my name changes because of marriage or divorce?

In case of major changes like marriage or divorce, it is essential to provide the legal documents like marriage license, divorce certificate etc. to Spirit Airlines.

Can I make other changes like Contact and Passport information on my ticket?

Yes, Spirit Airlines allows changes to other passenger information, including contact details, passport information, date of birth, etc.

What happens if I booked my flight through a third-party agency?

If you booked your flight through a third-party agency, you need to contact them first. Different agencies may have their own rules and fees for handling name changes.

How do I check if I can change my name on my ticket?

Review your ticket or contact the Spirit Airlines customer service to know if you can change your name. You can also check this online through Spirit Airlines’ official website.

Can I change my name within the 24-hour window after booking?

Yes, Spirit Airlines permits name changes within the 24 hours of booking, depending on the conditions. You can also cancel and re-book within this timeframe without any penalties.

What if my booking is for multiple passengers or a group?

For bookings involving more than one passenger or a group, name changes are generally handled individually. It is best to check with Spirit Airlines customer service for the exact procedures.

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