Emirates Airlines Name Change Policy

Emirates Airlines Name Change Policy

When you are precisely planning your next trip and have some mistakes in your flight booking, for instance, misspelling your name or mixing it up, this is an unusual and painful matter that you will not want to deal with. Unforeseen mistakes of that kind, which are not uncommon, can also happen. Such factors as the Emirates Airlines name change policy make full comprehension of this policy a vital activity in undertaking a fruitful travel experience.

The Emirates Airlines name change policy is formulated from the appreciation of those small but powerful mistakes that anyone can understand, and this offers a simple and effective solution. It has been engineered to make sure that you don’t make any major mistakes in your reservation details, and it does that quickly and efficiently. Remembering to educate yourself on these fundamental travel rules will dramatically decrease how easily travel stress will affect you. Doing so, you leave room both for that moments of excitement and joy that are inherent to the adventure as much as for the space for reflecting and relaxing.

Here, in this blog, we are going to discuss every possible aspect of how to change your name on an Emirates Ticket.

What is the Emirates Airlines Name Change Policy?

The Basics of Correcting Your Name

Emirates Airlines name change on ticket procedures are designed to be straightforward. If your ticket has a typo or a minor name error, Emirates allows you to change up to four characters in your name. However, it is crucial to note that:

  • Emirates’s policy does not support complete name changes that would transfer the ticket to another person.
  • A name correction request is necessary for instances of divorce, marriage, or any other legal name change.
  • Tickets obtained through Skywards Frequent Flyer Rewards are not eligible for name changes.

Understanding the Change Policy

Here are the specific rules set forth by Emirates:

  • The four-character change is restricted to corrections and does not apply cumulatively to the first, middle, and last names.
  • Name changes for tickets booked via a Skywards account are not permissible.
  • Post-name change, your ticket will reflect in the current Passenger Name Record (PNR), and applicable charges will apply.
  • You must also re-select seats as seat transfers between PNRs aren’t allowed.
  • Names on tickets must match government-issued ID documents.

How to Change a Name on Emirates Airlines Ticket: Online and Offline

Online Name Change Process

If you need an online solution, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Emirates’s official website using a preferred browser.
  2. Go to the “Manage Bookings” section.
  3. Enter your booking details, including your name and six-digit booking reference.
  4. Use the name correction tab for further instructions.
  5. Correct your name in accordance with the policy rules—up to four characters.
  6. The corrected name must mirror the one on your photo ID.
  7. Pay the Emirates Airlines name change fee and any fare difference.
  8. Upon processing, your booking details will be updated, and a new e-ticket is issued.

Offline Process

To make changes over the phone:

  1. Call the Emirates customer service number.
  2. Provide all necessary details for your flight.
  3. Also, make sure you enter your name on your official government ID.
  4. The customer service agent is going to walk you through everything and confirm the change of the name.

Understanding Emirates Airlines Name Change Fees

Knowing about the Emirates Airlines name change fee is essential:

  • Fees vary based on the country. For example, in India, the UK, and Brazil, different rates and conditions apply.
  • The fee is also influenced by the class of service and the type of ticket.
  • The policy requires the fee to be paid 24 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • Refunds and cancellations due to name changes have their conditions.

Special Cases: Marriage and Last Name Changes

Emirates Airlines Name Change Marriage

When changing names due to marriage:

  • A legal name change as per marriage documents must be presented.
  • Process through offline channels to ensure proper documentation is noted.

Emirates Airlines Last Name Change

For a last name change due to other circumstances:

  • Follow the standard process but ensure you have legal proof to support the name change.
  • The name on the ticket must correlate with the name on your own government-issued ID.

Can You Transfer an Emirates Airlines Ticket to Another Person?

The most prevalent misconception seems to be about whether the tickets are transferable or not. Emirates do not allow transferring tickets to another person through changing of names, based on its policy. This is a key note if you are looking for a ticket to be sent to someone else..

Step-by-Step Guide: Online Name Change Procedure

Here’s a closer look at how you can make a name change online:

  1. Access the Website: Make your browser open the Emirates Airlines website.
  2. Manage Your Booking: Go to “Manage Bookings” where you’ll find the needed option.
  3. Provide Information: Input the required details like your name and booking reference.
  4. Follow the Procedure: Click on the name correction tab and proceed as guided.
  5. Make the Corrections: Align the name with a government-issued photo ID.
  6. Complete the Payment: After paying the fee and fare difference, your ticket will be updated.

Penalties and Additional Costs

What Happens If You Don’t Correct a Mistake?

Failing to adhere to the name change policy can lead to problems:

  • A ticket with an incorrect name could result in being unable to board the flight.
  • Late name change requests might incur higher fees.
  • Not correcting the name before flying may lead to cancellation under the no-show policy.

Can You Avoid Paying a Name Change Fee?

Emirates Airlines typically charges a fee for name corrections but waiving off the fee isn’t customary. However, in specific cases like typos made during booking, customer service may offer some leniency. Always approach customer service to understand your options.

Fee Structure in Detail

The fee for name changes on Emirates Airlines tickets can vary:

  • India and the UK: Fees start at $30/£10 but can go up if the booking is made via third-party agents.
  • Brazil: In most cases, there is no charge if the point of sale and departure are both in Brazil.
  • Other Regions: Fees and regulations may differ; it is advisable to consult Emirates for detailed information.

Emirates Airlines Name Change for Minors and Infants

Parents and guardians should pay special attention to the name change policy for minors and infants:

  • The same rules apply for name corrections up to four characters.
  • For complete name changes for minors, legal guardianship proof may be required.
  • Always ensure the name on the ticket of a minor or infant matches the passport or ID.

Documentation Required

Marriage and Divorce

  • A certified marriage certificate or divorce decree might be required.
  • Additional identification proving the name change may be requested.
  • A court order or legal document showing the name change will need to be presented.
  • Identification matching the new legal name is a must.

Correcting Typos

  • A government-issued ID to prove the correct spelling of your name.
  • Booking reference to locate your itinerary quickly.

How to Prevent Name Errors

Tips Before Booking

  • Double-check the spelling of names before finalizing your booking.
  • Ensure that the name matches exactly with the government-issued ID, especially for international travel.
  • Review Emirates’s terms and conditions regarding name changes before booking your ticket.

After Booking

  • Review your e-ticket promptly after booking to ensure all details are accurate.
  • Make any necessary corrections immediately to avoid additional fees.

Customer Support and Assistance

Contacting Emirates for Name Changes

Emirates offers customer support for travelers who need to correct their names:

  • Dedicated phone lines are available for various regions.
  • Customer service agents can guide you through the process and explain additional charges.
  • Ensure to have all necessary documents at hand when calling.

When to Contact

It’s best to reach out as soon as you notice the error. Here are peak times to consider:

  • Directly after booking, if you immediately spot a typo.
  • At least 24 hours before your flight to avoid increased fees or penalties.

Emirates Airlines Skymiles Name Change

Ticket Holders wondering about the Emirates Airlines Skymiles name change should note that name corrections on tickets booked through the Emirates Skywards program are not permitted. This ensures that Skywards Miles are used by the rightful member.

Final Takeaways

Emirates Airlines name change policy intends to assist passengers in correcting minor errors on their flight tickets. It is, however, stringent when it comes to the transfer of ticket ownership, which is not permitted. Understanding and adhering to the policy, including observing the Emirates Airlines name change fee and the proper channels to request a name change, can ensure a hassle-free pre-flight experience.

Remember to always match the name on your ticket with your government-issued ID and take swift action in the case of name discrepancies. By doing so, you secure your ability to fly without last-minute stresses or unnecessary costs.

Prepare your documents, understand your rights, and get ready to enjoy the exceptional service that Emirates Airlines provides on your journey to your destination.

Note: Whether you have strict plans or flexible dates, travel with the assurance that your personal details are accurate and in line with the Emirates Airlines name change policy. It could be the difference between a challenging airport experience and a smooth start to your trip. Finally, we would like to wish you goodbye after all the knowledge has been acquired. We wish you a happy and pleasant voyage with Emirates Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I correct my name on an Emirates Airlines ticket?

Yes, Emirates allows you to correct up to four or more letters in your name. This includes errors in your first, middle, or last name. This option is helpful for minor corrections.

Am I allowed to change my entire name to someone else’s on my Emirates ticket?

No, you cannot change the ticket to another person’s name. Emirates strictly prohibits transferring tickets by changing the full name to someone else’s.

What happens if my Emirates ticket has a typo in my name?

If there’s a typo, it’s crucial to correct it to align with your government ID. Emirates permits corrections involving up to four characters to avoid issues during travel.

Can I fly if the name on my Emirates ticket doesn’t match my ID?

No, flying with a name mismatch is not allowed. Your Emirates ticket name needs to match the name on your government-issued ID or passport for security reasons.

How much does it cost to change a name on an Emirates ticket?

Changing a name on an Emirates ticket typically costs between $200 to $250, depending on the ticket class. This fee applies for changes made 24 hours before your flight.

Can I change my last name on my Emirates ticket if I recently got married or divorced?

Yes, name alterations due to marriage or divorce are permitted, but you must provide Emirates Airlines with the appropriate legal documentation as proof of the name change.

What do I do if I find a mistake in my name after booking with Emirates?

If you discover a typo, contact Emirates immediately. The sooner you report the error, the better the chance of correcting it within the allowed policy and possibly avoiding additional fees.

How quickly should I correct a name error on my Emirates booking?

Correct the name mistake at least 24 hours before your flight to prevent any issues at check-in or with security, conforming to the fee schedule provided by Emirates.

Can I change my booking to another person if I can’t travel?

Emirates tickets are non-transferable, meaning you cannot change the booking to allow another person to travel instead of you. This is to prevent misuse of tickets.

What documents do I need to show for a name correction on an Emirates flight?

For name corrections, a government-issued ID showing the correct name is needed. For significant changes due to marriage or other reasons, additional legal documents may be required.

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