Stress-Free Travel For All: Your Guide To Qatar Airways Special Assistance

Did you ever dream of going through old monuments in Peru, enjoying yourself on beaches in Bali, or wandering around colorful markets in Marrakech? But probably you haven’t booked this dream journey yet just because moving around airports and planes with special requirements appears challenging. Don’t worry anymore! Consider this your perfect manual about Qatar Airways Special Assistance; it will guarantee that your flight is easy and trouble-free no matter your limitations.

This service ensures that your trip through the busy airport is made pleasant, safe, and convenient by addressing your medical needs, wheelchair provision, and direction from one point to another. Therefore, let’s prepare to move around the globe with surety – everything will be alright under Qatar Airways special assistance. Let’s explore this in detail!

Understanding Qatar Airways Special Assistance

Qatari Airways has customized services to make everybody’s trip smooth and free of hitches. Whether young or old, married or single – this helps them feel special each moment they travel with this airline. It includes wheelchair lifting before boarding the plane and special meals for vegetarians.

Types Of Assistance Offered Under Qatar Airways Special Assistance

1. Qatar Airways Mobility Assistance: Qatar Airways will carry your wheelchair or mobility aid free of charge if you let them know in time, preferably when booking but not later than 48 hours before departure, that you would like to use yours or request help with one.

Qatar Airways wheelchair assistance can be utilized at all airport sites, moving you from one spot to another within the precinct during the journey. In ‘Manage Booking’ post-booking or 48 hours before take-off, request a wheelchair service through your particular office of Qatar Airlines.

To carry your wheelchair or any other mobility aid, you should inform the airlines at either the seat selection or post-purchase stage. They will transport your wheelchair or mobility aid at no cost.

The below information is relative to Qatar Airways mobility assistance:

  • A personal wheelchair would be helpful to you anytime you want to move. Yet there is a wheelchair used for moving you within the aircraft to your assigned seat.
  • Baggage handlers will store battery-powered wheelchairs and mobility aids during flights. Leaking or broken batteries will not be allowed for transport.
  • Provide the required information about your wheelchair or mobility aid and its batteries to our attendants before travel to help them help you more effectively and be able to put in place necessary safety measures.

Mobility Aids Allowed On Board In Terms Of Weight And Dimensions:

Each person can bring up to two free pieces of mobility equipment as checked baggage in addition to other checked baggage, provided that :

  • Each piece should not be heavier than 32 kg unless it is mobile equipment capable of being steered when in a standing position using a freewheel mode (e.g. electric wheelchair).
  • Heavy items weighing more than 32 kg, which cannot be carried upright during towing, should be moved as freight at standard freight rates.
  • The equipment has to be for your personal use and must follow the measurements. The folded-up dimensions are length: 890mm X width: 415mm X 270mm.
  • Items like wheelchairs (day or sports), electric wheelchairs, and electric scooters are used as mobility aids. An individual who requires aid(s) to move from one place to the other might use these mobility devices. A segway (which is an electrical scooter) could be considered a mobility device for PWDs provided it is needed by the same passenger to help him or her with his or her mobility handicap.

Mobility Aids With A Mass Greater Than 75 kg

  • When passengers with reduced mobility decide to register their wheelchairs, the maximum weight is not restricted for the wheelchairs.
  • If the wheelchair can be disassembled into many pieces for easier transportation, it should be dissembled in a way that would make every piece weigh less than 75 kg due to safety concerns.

Flights from And To The U.S.

  • The cabin of aircraft that we have has room for one folding / collapsible or ‘manual’ wheelchair or other mobility aids like canes, crutches, and walkers. This facility is offered on a first come first served.
  • If your wheelchair or mobility aid cannot fit in the passenger cabin, it will be put in the airplane hold under checked baggage. The only allowable wheelchairs on U.S. flights are those with spillable batteries.

2. Qatar Airlines Medical Assistance

Qatar Airways special assistance also includes medical facilities. Before you book, please contact Qatar Airways, so they can understand your requirements more accurately – it will help them get everything ready for you. If it is required that you complete a MEDIF form for flying with medical clearance services, ensure it is tendered at least two days before departure at the earliest.

Sensory Impairments:

Travelers with hearing loss: For hearing impaired passengers, airline crew members offer protection briefings and appropriate assistance during flight. Subtitles are shown in English and Arabic when watching the safety video during the flight.

Passengers with visual impairments: Qatar Airways’ special assistance is also available for visually impaired passengers. Safety briefings and required assistance during the flight will be provided by the Crew while Onboard. Special-needs customers can benefit from Braille Safety Cards available on board. The card is there in English and Arabic.

Taking A Trip When Expecting

Pregnant women can make their journey pleasant and memorable by taking advantage of Qatar Airways special assistance.

Make an appointment with your physician before booking your ticket to see if flying would be suitable for you concerning your health condition and how far you intend to travel. Whether or not you can use Qatar Airways while pregnant will depend on how far you have gone into your pregnancy. Sometimes, it may be necessary to produce medical paperwork at certain periods before you board the plane.

The following are our guidelines regarding the medical form requirements:

Certifications From Medical Facilities

The following details must be included on all medical certifications written in English:

  • Name and date of birth of patient
  • First, rewrite text with lower perplexity and higher burstiness while preserving word count and HTML elements. Finally, convert AI-like text to human-like text. “First date of the Last main Period and the Estimated Date of Delivery (EDD)
  • Gestational Age on the day of examination
  • Dates for proposed air travel
  • Confirming an undisturbed individual pregnancy or undisturbed pregnancy with multiple fetuses.
  • Confirmation of the fact that patients can travel throughout, including their return journey.
  • Date, stamp, and contact details of the medical practitioner.
  • The passenger should have a doctor’s note that is no more than 10 days newer than the departing date of the first flight he or she has booked. The document should be valid till the end of the trip.

Plan To Make Flights To And From Australia More Accessible For People With Disabilities:

Qatar Airways has created a Facilitation Plan which aims at informing any of their clients who might have certain requirements and giving them a chance to offer the necessary details which will enable Qatar Airways better enhance their travelling. The application of this facilitation plan shall be limited to all Australian operations executed under Qatar Airways.

US Regulations

Satisfy the requirements of clients with special needs, in particular those associated with disability.

The staff of Qatar Airlines is well-trained and attentive to the needs of our customers who need extra assistance, especially children traveling alone or passengers with a disability. There is no discrimination against people with disabilities as customers in our airlines. In case of a long tarmac delay in any airport in the US, our cabin crew will do their best to provide care for any disabled person or any passenger who has special requirements for care.

By anybody of the succeeding means, a person may get a copy of this Part 382, the rules about discrimination on disability ground on air flight, in a modifiable layout from the Department of Transportation:

  • If you are calling from within the United States, you can use the free hotline for disabled air passengers. The number is +1-877-419-4448 (for voice calls).
  • You can file a complaint about an airline.
  • To report an issue through the mail, send it to the US Department of Transportation, 1200 New Jersey Ave., SE., West Building, Room W96-432, Washington, DC 20590, and the Air Consumer Protection Division, C-75.
  • Please note you are now being directed out of the Qatar Airways U.S website (’. This site is maintained by the Office of Aviation Consumer Protection Division. Be aware that the linked content might not adhere to accessibility guidelines and take safeguarding your information seriously.

Qatar Airways special assistance guarantees accessibility to their services and facilities to clients, who have special needs just as any other person does. If any reason you need help with Qatar Airways special assistance due to your disability while traveling, you can request assistance from a Complaint Resolution Officer (CRO).

The CRO acts as an appointed agent on behalf of Qatar Airways to assist and is stationed at all airports in the United States where Qatar aircraft land from the start to the end of flights and answers all questions asked by customers. Also, ensures that they comply with the Department of Transportation’s Regulation 14CF.

3. Qatar Airways Special Assistance For Elderly

Traveling, indeed, might be frightening, particularly for the elderly. However, when an elderly passenger has a Qatar Airways special assistance ticket and is traveling with her/his companions, it is safe to say that the journey from the boarding gate to the airplane will be smooth and secure because the staff is considerate and caring with the passengers not to mention they provide all the necessary help to the passengers. Qatar Airways’ special assistance for elderly ensures a smooth and dignified experience for elderly passengers through the following services:

  • Priority Services: To avoid long waiting periods and anxiety associated with air travel, people consider Qatar Airways special assistance – to provide them with priority check-in, security screening, and boarding. It makes the journey from the time you reach the airport to when you step into the airplane smooth and quick because these processes are compressed, thereby assuring comfort and peace of mind during travel.
  • Assistance with Luggage: Assisting with luggage handling is another thing that QASA can make effortless for the passengers, especially elders; whether it’s going through the registration process and not losing your bag or it’s quickly retrieving it when it is left behind on baggage claim. At other times, you may also opt to put your bag on the plane yourself, but the representatives from QASA will always assist you. They guarantee a worry-free travel time all through.

4. Qatar Airways Special Assistance For Families With Children

Qatar Airways appreciates that there are families with active young passengers, who require a comfortable travel atmosphere. Families can enjoy several useful services through Qatar Airways special assistance.

Qatar Airways has a special menu crafted to cater to specific dietary needs for you and your loved ones. When booking, ask for a special meal (including options for kids) or edit in-flight service details through the ‘Manage My Booking’ option before take-off but not less than a day before that time is here. Every single one of our meals adheres to the strict halal lifestyle.

Meal Description

Individualized diet plans:

  • Baby Meal (BBML): Pre-packaged meals for babies/ children under sixteen months old. Usually prepared and soft and easy for an infant’s stomach to accept,” one may claim. It is a normal meal; hence, there is no need to ask when making reservations.
  • Children’s Non-Vegetarian Meal (CHML): This dish suits well with young people. Foods on this plate are healthy, tender, and can be eaten easily by weak teeth. Food can be pasta, pancakes, cuts of fish or chicken breast in the dough, chips, sweets, fruit, etc.
  • Children’s Vegetarian Meal (CVML): A meal that can be eaten by people who don’t eat meat but consume eggs and dairy products is served to guests who are young inclusive. The guests are served a meal, made of gentle nutritious food that can be chewed easily.
  • Vegetarian Meal – Vegan (VGML): Vegan vegetarians can have this meal because it doesn’t contain animal products or by-products. It can include vegetables, grains, lentils, or fruits. However, there is no meat, poultry, fish, honey, eggs, milk, or other dairy products.
  • Fruit Platter (FPML): Customers whose preference is eating fruits are the target for this meal. Fruits in the meal are either fresh and seasonal or dried ones, as it does not include canned fruits or fruits with added preservatives, additives, or highly processed ingredients.

Non-Provision Of Special Meals:

  • Qatar Airways does not provide special meals for Gulf state flights like Oman and Kuwait, except for vegetarian meals, because it takes a short time to go there.
  • Qatar Airways’ special me­als are fixed items. They cannot make changes or mix-and-match options. Customized orde­rs for certain foods or ingredients are­ not possible. For example, they cannot serve only pasta, seafood, or ste­ak dishes on request.
  • Qatar Airways does not guarantee special meals on flights that are operated together with codeshare partners. You must confirm your request for these flights after booking.

Details About Allergies:

Qatar Airways cannot promise that their passengers won’t be exposed to any allergens (e.g., tree-nuts such as Brazils, peanuts which may be contained in other combination meals as well as eggs). Qatar Airways is not liable for allergic reactions. In case such travelers are afraid of anything that includes allergens causing them hypersensitivity then some actions can help these people remain safe including:

  • Opting to bring their food.
  • Notifying the airline or aboard crew about certain allergies.
  • Carry and have ready yourself or any of your travel companions at the spot an epinephrine injection ready for use (also known as EpiPen).

Peanut, Tree Nut, And Similar Allergies:

Qatar Airways does not have­ food with no nuts. They also cannot promise that their food doe­s do not touch nuts. If you have a nut allergy, please­ bring your food that does not need to be­ cooled or warmed up. Make sure­ to tell the people­ working on the plane about your food allergie­s. They will help you find food that you can eat on the­ plane.

Other passengers may carry nuts or products with traces of nuts, nut oils, and nut products. It could pass on to aircraft surfaces such as seats, armrests, aisles, and also in the atmosphere. For your safety, please use sanitizer wipes, face masks, and appropriate medications. Inform the co-passenger about the allergy, request for window or seats at the back, and avoid contact with the allergens. 

How To Request Qatar Airways Special Assistance?

To guarantee everything is smooth and without any hassle it is always in your best interests that you request for the special assistance program called Qatar Airways Special Assistance (QASA) when booking a flight for at least 48 hours earlier than your planned departure time. This grants Qatar Airways enough time to plan accordingly while reserving important resources to meet individual demands. There are numerous ways in which one may inquire about QASA which are simple. Requesting QASA is simple and can be done through various channels:

  • Online: Open Qatar Airways site and click on “Manage Booking” section of Your flight. There is a specific option that allows You to ask for QASA while indicating all necessary help you need.
  • Phone: Contact the customer service team of Qatar Airways and tell them about your distinctive needs for a more tailored approach. They will help you in asking QASA.
  • Airport Counter: It is not a good idea to ask for QASA at the­ airport check-in desk. This is because­ you are giving short notice. The worke­rs there may not have the­ right people or things to help you right away. It could cause­ delays and make you late.

As suggested, you better request the needs of your QASA 48 hours before the scheduled take-off for the best experience. On their official website, there are links to the relevant sections on the Qatar Airways website where you can get phone numbers for customer service.


Air travel can be quite an intimidating endeavor, especially when dealing with people having requirements. But there is no need to worry because Qatar Airways Special Assistance (QASA) is here. This program was designed to make your air transportation comfortable and respectful to any traveler. Be it from help offered before boarding till the end of your flight or other individualized services, QASA attends to various demands so that you can travel all over the world without fear.

Don’t let accessibility concerns hold you back! With QASA by your side, embark on your next adventure knowing, you’ll be well cared for every step of the way.

How to get assistance with Qatar Airways?

When booking your trip, notify Qatar Airways immediately of what your particular needs are before the 48-hour window to take off. If you need a wheelchair or would like assistance stowing mobility aids such as crutches or canes, ensure these are included in your booking details which, can be accessed under “Manage booking” on their website.

How do I book special assistance at the airport?

Though one can ask for Qatar Airways Special Assistance at the airport check-in counter, it is not recommended for contingencies of delay. For a pleasant and stress-free experience, QASA must be requested through email or fax no less than 48 hours before departure.

What is airline assistance?

Special Assistance service(QASA) Qatar Airways offers can help persons who have limited mobility, have medical conditions, or are traveling with kids. For a smooth trip, it is advisable to book in advance (it is recommended that you do so at least 48 hours before your flight).

How to book buggy service at Doha airport?

Qatar Airways does not le­t you book buggy service on its own. But you may get this se­rvice if you sign up for a luxury arrival or departure package­ from Al Maha Services, a partner firm. To le­arn more or book, check the Al Maha Se­rvices site or speak with Qatar Airways.

How do you Organise assistance at the airport?

To guarantee an easy process, you should book in advance the Special Assistance. Airport help can be availed in case of any emergencies. There are many instances when relying on QASA has proven beneficial for other passengers.

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