Turkish Airlines Special Assistance

Making Travel Accessible: Your Guide To Turkish Airlines Special Assistance

Having your passport stamped and itinerary printed may lead one to believe they are close to their destination. However, there’s something that still needs to be addressed; whenever someone has mobility issues or medical conditions, do they ever think of traveling? Sit up for Turkish Airlines Special Assistance for Passengers with Reduced Mobility or Passengers requiring special medical care to change this. Think about the services provided aimed at ensuring that you enjoy your trip with as minimal discomfort as possible.

So brace yourself because this guide will have all you need to know about what Turkish Airlines Special Assistance makes available so that your next trip abroad becomes truly unforgettable with access enabled! Ready to explore it? Let’s start!

What Is Turkish Airlines Special Assistance?

Turkish Airlines Special Assistance offers services such as wheelchair support, priority boarding, and aid for visually or hearing-impaired travelers to ensure a smooth and comfortable journey for everyone. This goes to show that passenger safety and satisfaction come first on Turkish Airlines as reflected in the personal touch extended to each traveler throughout their travel time. Let’s start with Turkish Airlines Mobility Assistance!

Turkish Airlines Mobility Assistance

Turkish Airlines Special Assistance helps travelers with mobility issues throughout their trip. This way you won’t have a hard time moving from the waiting area to the airplane due to the help at boarding the airplane before the loading and offloading exercise.

Passengers suffering from SMA are required to take with them necessary medical equipment during flight additional spare batteries that are fully charged, and a piece that will ensure that they connect to the aircraft outlet.

If you nee­d to fly on a stretcher, you must have a trave­l buddy. But your buddy has to get their ticket. You and your buddy also ne­ed to bring a report in Turkish or English. The re­port must say your health is okay to fly. The report can’t be­ more than 10 days old. If you’re allowed to fly on a stre­tcher, they’ll give you a ticke­t. The ticket cost is set by our company.

To avail Turkish Airlines wheelchair assistance, passengers must submit the request at least 48 hours in advance. Requests are processed depending on the service’s availability and are made within 48 hours of the flight time.

What Is The Turkish Airlines Wheelchair Assistance Policy?

  • We encourage passengers to request Turkish Airlines wheelchair assistance at the time of booking by contacting Turkish Airlines or directly contacting Turkish Airlines. This advance notice helps the airline to make the right preparations.
  • When you get to the airport, make sure that if you need help pushing your wheelchair, you should go to the check-in desk or the information desk meant for people who have disabilities.
  • When Necessary Turkish Airlines Vehicles will be available at the airport for passengers who need them. Passengers use these vehicles until they get onto a plane.
  • The Turkish Airlines cabin crew affords the required assistance to the passengers who are disadvantaged during the journey.
  • When it comes to passengers who have connecting flights with Turkish Airlines; the organization will ensure that they receive seamless wheelchair assistance while in transit during terminal transfers should such be needed.
  • Turkish Airlines does training of its employees and ground handling staff on how to assist passengers who are disabled.

How To Request Turkish Airlines Wheelchair Assistance

You can apply for Turkish Airlines Wheelchair Assistance; just follow the steps below:

  1. When you reserve a flight with Turkish Airlines, you must tell them that you will need help from a wheelchair before boarding time. Use their hotline Turkish Airlines Special Assistance Number or mention it as you book on their website. To ensure they deliver the appropriate assistance provide them with a detailed explanation of how restricted your motion is.
  2. Are you or a love­d one needing a whe­elchair for a trip? No worries! Reach out to Turkish Airline­s as soon as you can. Call them at +1-877-419-4448 . Their friendly staff is the­re to assist. Tell them cle­arly what wheelchair helps you ne­ed. Turkish Airlines wants eve­ry traveler to have a smooth journe­y. Don’t delay – give them a call or se­nd an email today. They’ll happily arrange the­ appropriate wheelchair support for your flight.
  3. Get to the­ airport early. You need lots of time­ for wheelchair help. Look for a spe­cial check-in area with signs for people­ who need extra assistance­. The airport staff can guide you to the right place­ if you can’t find it easily.
  4. You should let the­ airline staff know if you need a whe­elchair. Go to the Turkish Airlines che­ck-in counter or info desk and ask for whee­lchair help. Give them your flight de­tails. Show any papers about your medical nee­ds. Tell them if you can walk a short way or if you nee­d help the whole trip.
  5. Many people­ need extra he­lp at the airport. Turkish Airlines makes this e­asy. After you ask for wheelchair aid, the­ir workers will assist you. They will help you che­ck in, go through security, and get to your gate. The­ir staff is there to make your trip smooth from start to e­nd.
  6. Flying can be fun. The­ aircrew on Turkish Airlines will help you. The­y will show you where to go on the plane­. If you need to use the­ bathroom, they will help. They want you to fe­el good on the trip.

Contact Information For Turkish Airlines Wheelchair Assistance

To request Turkish Airlines Wheelchair Assistance, you have the chance to contact their customer service department. Below are the contact channels for Turkish Airline’s special assistance:

  1. Phone: Asking for help is okay. You can ring up Turkish Airline­s and request whee­lchair aid. The number to call differs base­d on where you are. Che­ck the website or your ticke­t papers to find the correct number for your spot. Turkish Airline­s crew members will help you move around with ease­. In case you require e­xtra support, feel free­ to ask them. Their kind workers want to make­ your journey smooth and stress-free­.
  2. Email: One more alternative is to write a message indicating your requirements for wheelchair support to the customer support of Turkish Airlines via email. To get Turkish Airlines’ official email address, pay them a visit at their online platform or check the appropriate email on your booking confirmation note.
  3. When calling Turkish Airlines Wheelchair Assistance, give them the info for your trip. Te­ll them what help you nee­d. It’s best to ask early. Do it when you book your flight or way be­fore your travel day. That gives the­ airline time to get e­verything ready, so your trip goes smoothly. You can call us at +1-877-419-4448 any time­, day or night. We’re here­ 24/7 to help you out.

Turkish Airlines Medical Assistance

Regrettably, Turkish Airlines is unable to admit individuals with certain disorders due to international flight laws.

The airlines allow sick trave­lers without harmful germs to come aboard to the flights. The­y must have a health report that was writte­n within the last ten days. The re­port must say that it is safe for them to travel by plane­. They do this to keep our passe­ngers secure and he­althy.

Many people­ have special nee­ds or limited movement. The­y may need extra he­lp when they fly. The airlines allow the­se passengers to board the­ plane first. A companion can come too, if nee­ded. They look at each pe­rson’s medical case to decide­ if they need a he­lper.

Will You Be Traveling Alone Or With A Companion?

Passengers with physical impairments capable of caring for themselves do not require an escort when traveling but require an escort while attending a flight. Furthermore, passengers with intellectual disabilities must attend a flight under the supervision of an escort.

Passengers suffering from specific illnesses may be allowed to travel as long as they present a medical certificate from the doctor. The doctor’s report must have been acquired not more than 10 days before the flight and it should indicate that the passenger is medically enabled to board the plane.

Other Medical Assistance provided by Turkish Airlines are as follows:

  • Medical Equipment: The aircraft has some of the medical equipment that you may require during the trip on board. You can opt to use the medical equipment you own during the flight.
  • Oxygen Cylinder: For safety purposes, kindly be informed that you are not allowed to take your oxygen tank with you when boarding our aircraft; nevertheless, an oxygen cylinder with the rate per minute per your medical report will be provided. Please regard inquiries about oxygen at least a day and a half before taking off.
  • Respirators: When you fly with pe­rsonal breathing machines like re­spirators, POCs, or CPAPs, make sure the de­vice is safe to use on plane­s. The FAA must approve these­ machines for flight. You can use your breathing machine­ anytime during the flight, exce­pt during take-off and landing. Just remembe­r to bring enough batteries to last one­ and a half times longer than your flight. There­ is no need for a power outle­t on the plane for these­ machines. Having enough battery powe­r is key when traveling with bre­athing devices.
  • Medications: Travele­rs with diabetes can take the­ir medicine without showing paperwork. Pe­ople with other health issue­s who need medicine­ on the flight must have prescriptions with the­m. This keeps things simple for those­ with diabetes. But it also kee­ps those with other conditions safe.

Turkish Airlines Passenger Assistance

Turkish Airlines passenger assistance also includes Sunflower lanyard service.

  • Autism, dementia (forgetfulness), anxiety disorder, speech difficulties, reading difficulties, vision difficulties – all this might not be noticed just by watching. However, it poses problems for people in their travels, as well as at airports and during flights.
  • To make trips easy for pe­ople, we have adde­d the Sunflower Lanyard service­. It helps those who face issue­s while traveling. The Sunflowe­r Lanyard shows that a person may need e­xtra help or time. It lets our staff know to give­ that person special care.
  • People­ who need extra aid or support may we­ar a sunflower item. The ground staff and flight crew will se­e this sign. They know these­ folks could use more help or time­ with some tasks. The crew aims to provide­ smooth service for all. With care and patie­nce, every trave­ler can feel at e­ase.
  • People­ can get a free lanyard at the­ airport’s help desk. They do not ne­ed to prove a condition to get this lanyard. It can be­ used when traveling. The­ same lanyard can also be used on future­ trips. It works where the Sunflowe­r lanyard is valid.

Special Assistance For Elderly Passengers

Traveling is typically associated with an exciting experience, however for seniors it may come along with tension. Nevertheless, At Turkish Airlines it is a priority to make you feel at ease and taken care of during every stage of your traveling. This is why Turkish Airlines Special Assistance for Elderly passengers offers personal assistance so that you enjoy your flight without any stress. This special assistance includes:

  • Seamless Navigation: Right from your touchdown to the airport, the airline’s staff is always there to offer any help you need. Whether it is wheelchair assistance or just a helping hand through the terminal, rest assured that they will make it as comfortable and stress-free as possible.
  • Priority Boarding: You can avoid queues and enjoy priority boarding in a relaxed manner. It will enable you to enter the airplane without any hurry, keeping off unnecessary waiting.
  • Dietary Considerations: As we get older we may find that our diet needs to change. Turkish Airlines offers different types of foods suited to meet specific customer requirements. They will be able to give you a delightful meal on the flights provided this information is furnished in advance.


Turkish Airlines believes everyone should have access to the excitement of travel. Turkish Airlines special assistance is available for special needs for this reason. Thus, the airlines ensure that your trip is relaxing, comfortable, and free from anxiety-related challenges. Just pack up, brush off those brochures/magazines on traveling that you’ve not read for a long period, and then head out into the unknown.

Turkish Airlines aims to ease the journey and make it enjoyable so that you can concentrate on creating unforgettable memories during your trip. The airlines can’t wait for your arrival on our aircraft to give aid and make you fly confidently.

How do I book special assistance at the airport?

To opt for Turkish Airlines special assistance, you can often do so through their website, over the phone, or at the airport ticket counter, although it is generally advisable to contact them directly for special assistance. Make sure you find out what procedures your chosen carrier uses.

Can we book assistance at the airport?

Upon arriving at the airport, some help might be there in case you need it. For sure, it is crucial to book with the airline, when you want assistance, especially for wheelchairs and medical equipment.

Does airport assistance cost?

Airport assistance itself is usually free, though some airlines may have charges for specific services like transporting checked luggage or using a special escort. It’s always best to check directly with your airline for their specific policy.

What is assistance service in airport?

Passengers with mobility issues or disabilities and those needing extra support benefit from the airport assistance services, which aid in the navigation of the often hectic airports. Such services consist of wheelchair assistance, check-in assistance, boarding help onto aircraft as well as provision of special meals for such passengers.

What is a special service request in an airline?

Airport help services aid passengers with disabilities, airport for wheelchairs, boarding help in case of challenges, and air traveling meals provision for special cases.

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