WestJet Name Change Policy

WestJet Name Change Policy

When it comes to booking flights, ensure that passenger information must match the government-issued photo ID or passport. However, mistakes can happen, and names might need to be corrected. WestJet Airlines understands the need for flexibility in name corrections and has established a name correction policy to streamline the process for travelers. In this article, we will explore WestJet name change policy, outlining the guidelines and procedures for making necessary changes to passenger names.

Guidelines for Changing Names on WestJet Bookings

Name changes are possible under WestJet Airlines’ name change policy, subject to certain conditions. These conditions include – 

  • The name change is permitted on unused flight segments.
  • Name changes can only be made for tickets issued by WestJet 
  • The said request is not applicable to the codeshare agreement flights.
  • If a ticket in the original booking class is unavailable, the passenger may need to upgrade to the next available booking class. And is subject to any applicable fare difference. 
  • For misspelled names, corrections of up to 3 characters are allowed in the first, middle, or last name. No name correction fee would be levied. 
  • The airline allows WestJet name change marriage requests or name changes due to divorce by presenting official documents.
  • Name change or correction requests must be submitted at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure

What Covers Under WestJet Name Correction Policy?

WestJet Airlines name corrections can be easily resolved without penalty fees or complex procedures. Here are the following instances where name corrections can be made without requiring a waiver code.

  • Removing or adding Characters – 
  • Correcting misspelled names by removing extra characters (e.g., “Chriss” to “Chris”).
  • Rectifying missing characters to accurately reflect the intended name (e.g., adding “e” to “Smith” to make it “Smith”).
  • Maiden Name to Married Name – 
  • Updating a passenger’s name from their maiden name to their married name.
  • Changing “Gigi Ora” to “Gigi Dawson” after marriage.
  • Reversing First and Last Names – 
  • Rectifying name order errors by switching the first and last names.
  • For instance, correcting “Ollie Robinson” to “Oliie Pope” to reflect the intended name order.
  • Aligning with Legal Documents – 
  • Ensuring that the passenger’s name must match with the government-issued photo ID.
  • I am correcting discrepancies such as changing “Jos Butler” to “Joseph Butler” to match the legal document.

How to Request the Name Change/Correction With WestJet?

Before contacting WestJet’s customer support, gather all the required information to expedite the WestJet name change on ticket request. Make sure to have the following details readily available:

  • Your WestJet booking reference number
  • The full name currently listed on the booking
  • The corrected name with the necessary changes
  • A valid reason for the name correction (if applicable)

Select the option that is most convenient for you, whether it’s by phone, email, or reaching out through their official social media channels. 

Clearly explain that you need to request a name change or correction and provide the representative with the gathered information.

The WestJet customer support representative will guide you through the name change or correction process.

The airline may require additional documents to support your request. These documents include a marriage certificate, legal identification, or any relevant supporting paperwork.

After the name change or correction has been processed, WestJet will issue an updated travel itinerary reflecting the corrected name. 

How to Request the Name Change/Correction With WestJet

How much is the WestJet Airlines Name Change Fees?

Below is the overview of the WestJet Name Change Fee – 

Fare TypeEconoEcono FlexPremiumBusiness
Travel within Canada
Name change fee100-118 CAD100-118 CAD100-118 CAD100-118 CAD
Travel between Canada and all destinations except Europe
Name change fee100-118 CAD100-118 CAD100-118 CAD100-118 CAD
Travel between Canada and Europe
Name change fee150-177 CAD150-177 CAD150-177 CAD150-177 CAD
Travel between Canada and Asia
Name change fee150-177 CAD150-177 CAD150-177 CAD150-177 CAD

Accurate passenger information is vital for hassle-free air travel, and WestJet understands the need for flexibility in name corrections. The WestJet name change policy allows for specific changes without incurring penalty fees, thus allowing hassle-free travel, under any circumstances. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I correct the name of another passenger on my WestJet booking?

WestJet name correction policy applies only to the same person traveling. Corrections for other passengers may require additional steps or be subject to different policies.

Are there any fees associated with name changes?

WestJet’s name change policy does impose penalty fees and varies between 100 -150 CAD per passenger from the date of departure. 

Can I make name changes online through the WestJet website?

WestJet’s specific process involves contacting their customer support directly to initiate the necessary changes.

What if I need to change my name due to a legal name change?

If you require a name change due to a legal name change, WestJet typically accommodates such requests. Be prepared to provide supporting documentation, such as a marriage certificate or legal identification, to facilitate the process.

Is it advisable to make name corrections well in advance of my travel date?

Yes, it is recommended to initiate name corrections as soon as an error is noticed. You must complete the request up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure.

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