Icelandair Name Change Policy

Icelandair Name Change Policy

Whether it’s due to a misspelled name, a legal name change, or other personal reasons, understanding the name change policy of your airline is crucial. In this article, we will explore Icelandair name change policy, providing you with guidelines and procedures to navigate the process smoothly.

What are the guidelines to request the name change/correction with Icelandair?

Here are the key guidelines that passengers should be aware of, including the timeframes within which the Icelandair name changes on tickets can be requested – 

  • When booking a flight with Icelandair, it is crucial to ensure that the passenger’s name on the ticket must be identical to the name on the passport or government-issued photo ID.
  • Altering both the first and last names is not permitted unless there are legal considerations.
  • passengers cannot transfer their Icelandair flight booking to another person. 
  • As per icelandair name change correction policy, the following types of scenarios are not eligible for the name correction – 
  • Reservations that include codeshare agreement flight
  • Group reservation that includes 10 or more passengers traveling on the same itinerary.
  • Request which is made within 4 hours of scheduled departure.
  • In the event that passengers need to transfer ownership of a ticket to another person, they must cancel the existing booking, request a refund, and then rebook the flight under the new passenger’s name. For further details on cancellations, it is advised to refer to Icelandair flight cancellation policy.

What types of Name Correction Can Passenger Request With IcelandAir?

Passengers traveling with Icelandair are allowed to request specific types of name corrections. 

  • Misspelled name – Passengers can request Icelandair name correction up to 3 characters. This allows them to rectify any misspelled characters and ensure that their name matches their passport or government-issued photo ID accurately. 
  • Fix Abbreviation – If a passenger’s name was abbreviated during the booking process, they can request to expand the abbreviation to its full form. For example, if the name “V. Smith” was entered, the passenger can request to change it to “Vincent Smith.”
  • Inverted name – In some cases, the order of a passenger’s first and last name may have been entered incorrectly. They can request a correction to swap the positions of their first and last name. 
  • Middle Name Addition/Removal – If a passenger’s middle name was incorrectly included or omitted during the booking process, you can request to add the name. 
  • Hyphen Correction – If a passenger’s name includes hyphens or spaces, they can request corrections to ensure the correct placement of these characters. This is particularly relevant for passengers with hyphenated last names or multiple-word last names.
  • Title Correction – Passengers can request a correction to their title, such as changing “Mr.” to “Ms.” or “Dr.” to “Prof.,” to reflect their correct gender or professional designation.

The aforementioned scenario applies for the name correction where you have to call the Icelandair airline customer and simply request.

Here are the following scenarios for the name change under legal guidelines – 

  • Marriage – If a passenger has recently married and legally changed their last name, they can request an IcelandAir name change. 
  • Divorce – In the case of divorce, where a passenger has legally reverted to their maiden name or a previous name, they can request a name change to update their booking accordingly. 
  • Court-Ordered Name Change – Passengers who have undergone a court-ordered name change can request a name change for their Icelandair flight booking to align with their legally recognized name.

The aforementioned scenario implies an Icelandair air name change fee. Also the ticket would be reissued to the existing or higher fare class, subject to availability. 

How to request the name correction with IcelandAir?

To request a name correction with Icelandair, you can choose between two methods: online and over the phone. Here’s how you can utilize each method:

  • Online Method – 
  • Visit the official Icelandair website and navigate to the customer support or contact section.
  • Look for the option ‘My Journey’. Enter the Booking Reference and the passenger’s Last Name.
  • Attach any required supporting documentation such as a marriage certificate or legal name change document, if applicable.
  • Review the information entered and submit the request.
  • Pay the required Icelandair name change fee.
  • The airline will send you the confirmation for the name corrections. 
  • Over the phone – Follow these steps to request the Icelandair name change on ticket through airline’s customer service – 
  • Dial the customer service number and wait for a representative to assist you.
  • Inform the representative that you would like to request a name correction for your flight booking.
  • Provide the necessary information, such as your booking reference number and the passenger’s last name.
  • If required, be prepared to provide supporting documentation or details regarding the reason for the name correction.
  • The airline will send you the updated flight confirmation and the itinerary on your registered email.

Promptly follow the instructions provided by Icelandair to facilitate a smooth and efficient IcelandAir name correction process.

How much is the fee to request the name change with Icelandair?

Passengers who need to request name correction/change within 24 hours of booking, no Icelandair name change fee is required. 

Note: Icelandair Name Change Fee is applicable, but to know the accurate fee contact the airline’s customer service. 

In conclusion, understanding Icelandair name change policy is crucial when it comes to rectifying any errors or making necessary corrections to your flight booking. Remember to carefully review the requirements, gather the necessary documentation, and reach out to Icelandair’s customer service for any additional assistance you may need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the name on my Icelandair ticket online?

Yes. Icelandair provides an online platform for certain types of name corrections.

What supporting documents are required for a name change request with Icelandair?

The required supporting documents may vary depending on the type of name correction. Common documents include a valid ID, marriage certificate, or legal name change documentation.

Are there any restrictions on the number of times I can request a name change with Icelandair?

Icelandair name change policy allows 1 name correction per passenger.

What if I need to change the name on a group booking with Icelandair?

Changing the name on a group booking with Icelandair may have different procedures and requirements. It’s recommended to contact the airline’s customer service.

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